Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Learning to drive

Good evening to you all. I'm in a good mood because, well, it's my birthday! I'd be cynical and rant on about how we get so excited about birthdays but they're just some stupid biological event (and not even that), and a step closer to death or something else Kafkaesque, but I don't want to spoil the mood so I'll leave you to read last year's post about that.

OK, onto this year. Being 17 means, mainly, that I can drive - and drive I will! Lessons, then the test, then the provisional license, then I'll be able to go wherever I like, once the extortionate insurance is sorted out. And, on that thought, I'm reminded of an analogy used in Arcade Fire's 'In the Backseat'. Sure, I'm getting way too obsessed with this band, but hear me out: the song uses the analogy of sitting in the backseat of a car to not have responsibility and control over your life. Learning to drive is you preparing yourself for being in charge of your own life, having your own problems, etc. In the song, RĂ©gine sings 'I don't have to drive / I don't have to speak / I can watch the countryside'; and this is exactly how it is. Kids, even teenagers, are led through their young lives by their parents, the 'driver', and simply need to enjoy the ride. This motif is repeated in 'The Suburbs', with 'in the suburbs I / I learned to drive' - adolescence is the period in your life when you start to take responsibility and control over yourself.

Anyway, back on topic, that's how I feel. That these new abilities like learning to drive are opening my life up into what it will eventually be, and I can't wait. Sure, there's all that fiddling around with money that I've yet to worry about properly, but other than that, adult life sounds brilliant. Plus, I'd be out of this goddamn school and doing what I love. Exactly what that will be, I haven't yet decided. Design is looking awfully good right now, since I discovered postmodernism (tasteless but very interesting).

In all honesty, I've done very little in the way of creative stuff since I started sixth form in September. That's one and half months, and I've barely touched my Lego, that second Suspension scene looking as far off as ever, let alone another bit of architecture. Design sketches have become few and far between, as, I'm sure you've noticed, have blog posts; but change is change. Simply put, I have a lot more in my life and something has to temporarily shift to make room. Not that I haven't been productive at all; I created a whole lot of school club posters a few weeks ago, and last weekend mocked up a website design, and I've signed up to do graphic design and set design for many school productions and events that seem too far off into the future to satisfy my excitement.

That's really all I have by means of an excuse, either for few blog posts or the lack of Suspension additions.  Half term's next week but even that won't give me much time to make a start on the second scene, as I'm off to Denmark for four days to sample universities and open sandwiches and such. I've been learning Danish at St Catherine's Church in London, so it will also give me a chance to try out my Daneglish.

Before I go, here's a picture I drew of how this evening went down, mainly as a thank-you to people on Facebook for 'remembering' my birthday:

Yeah, I know it's crap, that's part of the humour of it. I think. Basically, don't take it seriously. I don't.

~ John


abrickwall said...

I hope you realise when you get your car you have to ferry me around at will :)

Lucy said...
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