Sunday, 7 August 2011

Three snippets of graphic design

Hello, it's August. I'm ill, but up to this point productive so I thought I should use my plenteous time to make a blog post. My current musical obsession (other than the ever-present Arcade Fire) is Fleet Foxes' second album 'Helplessness Blues', so for the very few who give a shit, I'll inform you that it's playing while I write this post. Below are three little bits of graphic design that I've made in the past few weeks, and their justification and backgrounds.

1. LØRSKEAIR BOARDING PASS After a few weeks of no progress on Suspension - not even further developments on the first beta-only scene - I returned to the graphic design of its location, the citystate of Lørske, and designed a national airline. LørskeAir is based on a simple blue, grey and white colour scheme with a strong emphasis on symbols and simplistic graphics (you know me) because 'who says flying has to be a hassle?'. Above is the back of the boarding pass (airplane ticket), with three little pictures of how to use said ticket. The first shows an Oyster card-esque scan-for-entry idea, which is a progression on current plane tickets (because Suspension is set in the future), the second warns you to keep your ticket close at hand, and the third is your usual luggage pass thing.

Obviously you can see that my holiday is coming up, fast, so my attention turned to airport and airline design, and I really love the systems of it. I remember a designer said in an interview in the film Helvetica said his dream was to design the signage for an airport, and I really understand why. The film also showed me David Carson's frustratingly messy and unorganised design, but my anti-postmodernism rant is best saved for another post.

As for LørskeAir's placement in the game, I haven't decided on it yet. Obviously it would have a constant presence, with posters (see below) on walls and people with boarding passes in their houses/wallets, which you can find. I'm also thinking along the lines of a mysterious flight that went missing, and clues pointing to its whereabouts and details, but that's yet another subplot that I shouldn't indulge in. Still, it would be good to get the branding in there somewhere, considering there's no possibility of the player coming across Lørske City Airport (because, just, no).

2. LØRSKEAIR POSTER Here is a poster for the previously mentioned LørskeAir, continuing the branding of the airline and also incorporating the logo I designed - the circular thing in the bottom-left. You can't see it much here but I quite like it. It's intended to show an arrow going through a circle, like a plane's route taking off, but the two elements also look like the letter Ø in the word 'Lørske', so a double-hit of relevance.

For those of you who give even a fraction of a shit about typography, the typeface used in Johnston ITC, which many Londoners may recognise as being the branding face of Transport for London (TfL), so used on trains, tubes and buses around the capital. It has those distinctive diamond-shaped dots on the i and j, and diamond-shaped full stop and comma. I'd usually leave it alone as being too recognisable, but I recently saw it used in Coca Cola's UK Olympic Flame campaign and thought I'd give it a go. And I like it, actually. It has a little more purpose to it than Gill Sans, plus lacks its awful extra-bold weight.

3. CULTURE WAR TITLES I've been working mainly on my latest film, Culture War, this past week. It's coming together and I only need to shoot for another evening then I can get on with editing it. It's a music video to Arcade Fire's song of the same name, so for the titles I wanted to honour the album in my own way. The above picture shows hand-drawn typography by yours truly, similar to the style of 'The Suburbs' album cover, but not identical. I wanted to give the titles my own twist, make them a nod to the album's design but also keep them independent from it. The final titles will not be at an angle as you see above - for me that's a little too close to the original.

Stay tuned for that film sometime in the next week - I'll film the final few bits in a few days' time (need a break after I overworked myself on it yesterday), then take a couple of days to edit, then I'll reveal it to you. I'm quite excited about it, as long as the footage is decent.

Until then,

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Lucy said...

Lol I can't be bothered to read all of it, but it sounds good! :D How many followers to you have? Apart from me, obviously. Sorry to hear you've been sick :( You're better now though :DDDDDDDDD