Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Jallery: June

So much for London.

I'm back with another Jallery! Now I'm on holiday I have 10 weeks to waste doing something 'productive' as no one replied to my work experience emails. But hey, life goes on, and it gives me more time to achieve personal projects such as MUME - which I've had a huge idea for - and Suspension. But until such massive projects as those are finished, I've still been busy doing various little things...

Client work Believe it or not, I've been doing a bit of client work recently. Two pieces - firstly, this A5 flier for the Abbeyfield fête. Abbeyfield is a charity, so I didn't get paid for doing this, but it's still a great feeling to see my design used and being sent out. The flier was only distributed to about 100 households but I feel so proud of my design, pinned to noticeboards in houses all around the area. Or chucked straight in the bin. Regardless, my design's done its job. And the client wasn't that picky, either, so it was enjoyable work!
I've also been doing some video editing for my school - finished it on monday - which isn't quite 'client work' but still requires considerable effort.

Suspension Achievements I've been working on it slowly, and though I haven't built anything yet I've been working towards a full idea of the game, adding in little challenges and puzzles and sections and whatnots. I've also been creating an achievements system - because I will include little extra rooms and puzzles, but because they require more time and effort to create than in a normal point-and-click game, I need a way to encourage players to discover and appreciate them. That's where achievements come in. There are different types: liner achievements are achievements that everyone will 'complete' when they play the game normally. It is only when they explore or try something different that they will complete non-liner achievements. For example, here you can see 'No Mackerel Go' (a play on 'No cars go', a song by Arcade Fire - what else?), which is when you can pick up a mackerel in Act 2 and don't use it for what it's meant for and keep it in your inventory until the start of Act 3, when all your items are confiscated by border guards (to clear them out for the many different ones you'll get in Act 3). Others you get for completing non-essential puzzles, such as the 'café' logo there which is for the achievement 'Paradisa Lost'. I'll leave you to imagine what that could entail.

Overall there will be about 200 achievements, liner and non-linear. I love the idea of being able to come back to the game and trying to complete all the achievements, it means players won't just leave the game after they've completed it. And it means my little extras aren't put in for no one to find, haha. Also, my uncle suggested making it an iPhone/iPod Touch app, which is a damn good idea, anyone up for that? And it would be free, of course.

WD Sans This isn't particularly new, but I've had a renewed interest in it recently because I've been teaching my Gran the ways of typography (and preaching the word of Helvetica). It's an old font of mine that I hurriedly finalised for my portfolio, badly named 'WD sans' but I prefer to call it by 'unnamed humanist sans serif' because it's of no standard to name it after my initials. I don't know where I'm going with it - it's simply evolving as I create the letters the best I can. I'm adapting the glyphs you can see in my portfolio project to be properly designed with fixing colour and optical problems. And damn, it's difficult. Getting the curve on the D is near impossible - I'm still not happy with the version you see above. It's just something I come back to every now and then and have a go at improving.

More photography I recently got back my 20th roll of film from the developer's, and it's alright. It was from the last shoot I did for my GCSE project 'One', with the brilliant models Zoë and Suyin. The photos from it will show up on John Too slowly, so be sure to check them out and fave them and gimme some damn attention. I'm pleased with some of them but even those select shots aren't up to the standard I was searching for at the end of this blog post - the shoot was before I wrote that. Yet I'm still looking...

JOHN Collection rejects Finally, a photo from my main Flickr account showing some of the furniture that didn't make it into the final pages of the JOHN Collection catalogue this year - either because I didn't like the final design, or they were too similar to other designs, or (in the case of the table in the bottom-left) they were just too annoying to photograph. Find more info on the notes of the photo.

Two posts in two days... lucky you (sarcasm). I might start blogging on... what's it called again? Oh yeah, a regular basis. Woah.


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