Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Jallery: May

Look ma, culture!

Now don't go saying I spelt 'gallery' wrong - this is a gallery, John-style. Alongside my infrequent 'Wossup' posts I've decided to make a monthly 'Jallery' post showcasing some of the stuff I've been making, rather than whole plain paragraphs of the stuff I've been doing. We all know which is more interesting (FYI, this one), and this is easier to skim-read. Because it's about time I started to take note of what you all do on here, haha.

Daltown Minecraft Server Blog My Minecraft server, or at least one that I frequent (more than most people on it, pssht) is called Daltown, and I recently designed a blog for its members to use to find info about mods, people, places and the recent goings-on in that virtual world. Recently, the server's been a little empty because apparently we all have exams to be doing. Well fuck you guys, I posted about my newly discovered album 'Into the Murky Water' for no reason. Other than it's an awesome album.

I was really struggling with the new Blogger whilst making this blog, so I'm glad it came out as well as it did. Simple, updatable, and bold. Also, Helvetica, if you've got it on your system. I was pretty happy when I finished it one sunday a few weeks ago, it's gathered a few bugs since then but I can't be bothered at the moment. Considering no one goes on the server, I can assume that even fewer check the blog so I'll leave it.

Akzidenz 2 You guys will never see this post, I never got around to writing the words to go with this second Akzidenz Grotesk article. I bet you're sad. I bet you're really bummed about it. Haha yeah right, one post was enough methinks, and in a way I explored the font enough myself in just making the diagrams (about 5) like this one, no words needed. Besides, I'd just say 'modernist' and 'utilitarian' too much. I need some new adjectives.

Henne Original Plans Recognise this? Ya, it's a graphic version of something similar to my recent Lego architecture excursion, the Henne Beach House (80 faves - suck it, haters). The Lego model only has one cube form in it, but I always wanted to include two (as in my original sketch). This isometric drawing of the house shows what I was trying to create, but maybe less pod-like. IE. move the bottom of the flat sections down to meet the ground as in the Lego model. Also, I'd make the shape of the back part like it was in the Lego model (symmetrical), and remove that pointless second flat plane coming out the side of the cube there. I drew this up before I made the Lego model, so it is really a preliminary idea, not a 'this is what I would have done' picture.

MUME Magazine I feel kinda odd showing this so early in its... development? Life? I don't even know where I'm going with it, where I want to go with, or what I'll do with it. All I know is this: I need to make a magazine. Not a glossy mag with articles and reviews, but something else. Something different. And I think it's going to be called MUME (let me know if that means anything odd, as far as I know it's only the name of a Runescape site). I'm just experimenting at the moment, including this cover. I kinda like it. I like DIN. It's nice and neat and useful for work in grids.

JOHN Collection: Summer 2011 Wow, isn't this a turn up for the books? JCiii? More stuff about it? A new picture? Yes indeedy folks, it's nearly finished. I don't want to say too much about it because then it may never be finished, I'll keep procrastinating, but I shot a few scenes (such as this one) earlier this week and am planning to do the Kitchen one this weekend, then stick the new photos in the layout, then touch it all up a little, then it will be done. Finished by the end of this week, posted up on Flickr sometime soon. I'm quite excited, actually. By the way, you shouldn't be seeing this really, but it's a teaser for you faithful JOHNSPACE readers. Not that anyone's going to leak it or anything.

There. Five pictures. Five descriptions. Five insights into what I've been up to. I'm quite pleased I blogged, and pleased I talked about these things (especially MUME). Next up: JCiii. Hopefully.



abrickwall said...

The inhabitants of Daltown are resting, but they shall rise again! Stronger and mightier than before!

Also, I couldn't find any link between MUME and runscape just some Lord of the rings thing

Also, terraria. Get it :P

John said...

Yeah, Lord of the Rings. That's what I meant >_>

I'll have a look at terraria but I'm already obsessed enough with Minecraft as it is :S