Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wossup #1

A possible new format for some regular posts, covering most of what I've been up to recently.

READING Wallpaper* Magazine, latest issue. It's all about fashion this time - yeah, I mean all about fashion, even the architectural articles are about fashion architecture, or some such thing. It's a bit too much for me in some places, but the majority of it is very, very interesting and as useless as the included fold-out poster of next season's myriad of colours is (my sister says, quite rightly, 'so isn't that just all the colours, then?'), it's fun to look at and admire. Great Newspaper section, too. Not my fave issue of the ever-changing mag, but certainly one to refer back to in the future.

WATCHING Glee, sadly. I began watching the second season a few weeks ago high on anticipation of the continuation of one of the greatest comedy/musical TV programmes to grace our screens in years. Now, four weeks later, I am left feeling very disappointed and even a bit angry at the programmemakers for such a poor seriesquel. Sure, the songs are as good as ever, but the writers couldn't be bothered to make them fit into the plot any more. They were songs for the sake of songs, for the sake of having 'Billionaire' in there. Plus, everyone's character has changed such that it seems like some moronic writer has taken a look back on season 1 and accentuated the personalities to the unrealistic extremes. Gone are the cleverly written one-theme-episodes, gone is the satire on High School Musical and self-satire, and we're left with a regular drama with a script so dry it's approaching the level of other boring US soaps. Sure, I enjoyed the Rocky Horror Show episode on monday (It's just a jump to the left...), but my standards and expectations are now considerably lower than before. Shame, really.

LISTENING TO 'Price Tag' by Jessie J, who has exploded onto the music scene like a pinless grenade of great music, and thank goodness for that - she had so much to live up to. Though her first single 'Do it like a dude' is totally not her (originally written for Rihanna, doncha know), 'Price Tag' is something I heard in acoustic on Later Live with Jools Holland months ago and have been looking forward to the release of ever since. And with BoB thrown into the equation for a bit of rap relief at the end? Great, great song. And it went straight to number 1, as well. Just as I predicted.

ADMIRING Arne Jacobsen's architecture, as always. I reread the book I bought at the Dansk Design Centre about him today; he never fails to inspire me. His hanging plants and brilliantly restrained yet elegant architectural features give projects like the Royal Hotel, Copenhagen and Danmarks Nationalbank that Jacobsen trademark. A trademark that is forever amazing me, goddamit Arne! Why you so good?

Rødovre town hall, by Jacobsen - naturally
DRAWING furniture, for once. Curiously, a flash of inspiration in that great inspiration vessel, the bath (gotta love Aristotle) caused me to go on a creative streak and design a chair, a table, a dresser and a system of lights. I've made a model of the chair, but I'm awaiting more card so I can create the others to the same scale. Chuck 'em in a card interior (quite a small scale, by the way - not full-size!) and snap a photo, and maybe you'll get to see them. For the moment, I'm brainstorming most of the pieces in my Moleskine and designing the others to be printed out pronto. Exciting stuff, if I ever finish it.

WEARING new glasses, yay. This time I wanted to go for something a bit more hip, more trendy, but not too trendy - dudes, I'm not a mindless trend follower. Well, OK, I usually am. But if I had my way and a lot more drive to buy clothes, I wouldn't be. Anywho, new glasses. Still wearing into them, nasty headgrabbing things. Ouch.

PROMOTING a new project on my Behance Network profile, a packaging design study for third-world medicine distribution by Japanese Industrial Standards. Using their 2005 logo (on the Unicode character set, don't sue me bro), a fun smiling face graphic and a neat modern sans-serif font, I've created a whole new brand and product range:

See all the photos and details here.

PHOTOGRAPHING not much at the moment. My photography GCSE assessment has put me off photography for a while, and my recent furniture-designing and architecture passion flares have distracted me even more. I'm also frustrated, taking photos of everyday moments, when I keep telling myself in my coursework that photography is art, and pre-conceived photosets examining artistic themes are the only way to separate my work from that of the common camera-wielder. It's really been bothering me, but I shouldn't force myself into photography when I'm not truly inspired at this moment in time. My creativity is a precarious balance between furniture design, graphic design, architecture, photography and - occasionally - writing. I should just go with the flow and do whatever I'm inspired about, but with another art GCSE photography project looming over my head it's getting awful difficult to put photography to the side - even when I don't have any inspiration.

Maybe I'll make more like this sometime soon, every month or so. I'd do it every week but my interests don't change that quickly. Feel free to use this template, too, if you like.


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