Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Six style questions

Recently I've been plagued by these several key, unanswerable questions about style and fashion and how our preferred aesthetic styles (in both fashion and design) change over time, and between individuals. So here's a list of those questions, unanswered, to be discussed at a later point. Alternatively, if you have any thoughts, comment below.
  1. Does anything ever go out of style, or are the more unfashionable styles just seen as pushing the boundaries?
  2. By predicting next season's styles, colours and fashion, are we in fact setting those styles? Does that count as the natural progression of fashion in society?
  3. Can one person only design in one style, or can a change occur? If so, is that new style strictly theirs, since they're not 'born with it'?
  4. Can one person only pull of one style, or can they pull of many? Is there one specific style that is 'perfect' for them, appropriate for their personality as well as looks? Perhaps the 'perfect' style doesn't fit their personality.
  5. Similarly, do styles only work for certain people? Can we define or appreciate styles if they only work with a tiny percentage of the population?
  6. In terms of fashion, a style is set as an outfit. But can you set a style in an outfit with simply one item? Or do you have to give two items to set the relationship between their styles, creating a new style (or if they're the same style, confirm that that style is the style for the outfit)? Can any combination of two items act to create an outfit style that would work with other, similar items? Or will some pairs of items just never 'go' together?
Just a couple of my thoughts these past days. More posts coming soon, guys, I realise that I am in fact wasting a lot of my creativity by not putting it into a regular post every day, maybe I'll try an every-week posting project sometime soon. Sometime soon...


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