Monday, 14 February 2011

Forever Alone?

Ah, it's Valentine's Day. That holiday invented by the greeting card conglomerates to get us all to send meaningless cards to one another and celebrate how awesome our lives our and how awesome our partners are, though we all secretly know they're not all that good and the divorce papers are somewhere in the third drawer of my desk, must get around to signing them and letting her know at some point. "Our marriage is on the rocks" is a commonly used term, especially in Denmark (with the highest divorce rate in Europe), though there's some stupid story in the Bible that tells us rocks are better to build on than sand. Though I'll admit I've never heard someone say "our marriage is on the sand", though I think there are several 80s romance films that would say otherwise.

So how did I spend today? Trapped under a pile of Valentine's Day cards, scrawled over by a myriad of John-hungry girls professing their love for me? Nah, I got one parcel today, and that was from Harry - and no letter, may I add, I wrote you one! Jeez, the things I do for you Harry m'boy. Anywho, no. No cards. No love professions. No John-hungry girls. No fanatics crowding outside my house. To be honest, I didn't expect them. But it would have been a fun morning nonetheless. So I spent my Valentine's Day afternoon with one person in a room, with much intimate contact.

My dentist.

He wears awesome glasses, though.

And I'll conclude this fantastic Valentine's Day with a full hour of heavy Minecrafting. Boy, I love my life. Before I end this already poor post (just to archive this particular February the 14th, may be some sort of tradition after last year), I present you with this handy Venn diagram:

And this:
Well I hope you guys all had a better Valentine's Day than me (and my dentist). Arrivaderci, or - as the Danes would say - "Darling, get the divorce papers!"


ps. No, not intimate in that way you sick bastards. You're lucky I didn't say 'spent the afternoon with another person, one of us with a bodily appendage in the other's mouth', I'm not that dirty. Oh shi-

pps. I made a microscale town hall. Just to prove that my Flickr account isn't dead.

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