Friday, 31 December 2010

Day 365, the final post of the project. And what an amazing project it has been. [31.12.10]

Dag tre hundrede femogtres. Wow. That's it. That's the end of the entire project. It's finished, it's over, it's finito, it's that in every language. Three hundred and sixty five days of blogging in the evening about what I've been up to, what I've been creating, or my opinions on certain topics. And design, of course. I never expected it to pan out like this when I started, in fact I had little idea of what I'd talk about, blogging on a daily basis. I was not prepared for it at all, but as I've explained January suffered for that and it's been getting slowly better from then. Once I got into the flow, knowing what sort of content would be in the posts, I got into my style and it's been one consistent progression from there.

But let's not forget the posts which haven't been so good. The posts which, in all honesty, were shit. When I didn't have enough time, when I forgot to do a monthly letter, when I wasn't in a creative mood, when I was ill. Yesterday. Those times can't be forgotten, of course, and as much as I'd like to wipe them from the face of this blog, they remain testaments to how I blogged no matter what. I hate myself for those times when I could have blogged, but I just wasn't in the mood. There are so many, and so many excuses I've made for just that. But I guess you have to expect the highs and the lows in life, and I love how this 365 project has encapsulated that. I just wish I'd blogged better on the low days (though that post when I moaned on about things that pissed me off isn't bad). Good and bad, that's what makes this project realistic.

Gee, I'm getting so sentimental now. Gee whizz. OK, to sum up the year, here are ten of my highlights from this blog or just from my activities in the past year. In no particular order,


  1. I visited my homeland. I think its clear enough if you read at least five posts from this 365 project to tell that I'm obsessed with Denmark and Danish culture, and 2010 was the year my then-young obsession was fulfilled with a four-day trip to the king of all countries (metaphorically), Denmark. 2010 was the year I finally saw Copenhagen, walked its streets, enjoyed its culture, its design, its people, Tivoli, and so much more. I wish I could go back now... my parents are thinking of returning with my whole family at Easter next year, but I doubt it. I'll go back there one day. And stay.
  2. Photography went analogue. 2010 was the year I took photography seriously, the year I realised how crap all my photos were in the past. Thanks to Flickr and the genius of photographers like Caiti Anne, my mind was opened to the possibilities of photography as an art form, and the joys of an imperfect photo - just how much better a grainy, out-of-focus analogue photo can be than a heavily Photoshopped digital photo. In many ways, my analogue photography goes against what I consider to be my design style: perfection, crisp lines, clear shapes and simplicity. But I still love it, and I think it deserves to be said that in 2010 I started using my Canon A-1 film camera, and took photography seriously.
  3. Refining my style. I like to think of 2010 as the biggest, largest change and shift and refinement of my style of design, of MOCs, of photography, of writing, of being. My identity has changed beyond anything I can possible hope to pin down in one paragraph. When I look back on my posts at the start of the day I see myself as a totally different person. My style has changed for the simple reason that I've become aware of my style. I've become aware of myself, I've looked at myself objectively. And that has meant a lot of changes, because I've realised who I am and who I'd like to be and I'm trying to head towards the latter. And whilst I haven't quite arrived, I've certainly started my journey. 'Cause I'm a teenager and that's one of the points of teenagehood - though it's not something I actively started to do because it was a necessity. It just started happening and it's still going. Hopefully I won't have a Holden Caulfield experience as part of it...
  4. Design became big. It's amazing to think that at the start of the year I had no interest in design whatsoever. Well, I was a little interested in my JOHN Collection furniture and I had a slight interest in proper furniture design, such as Panton and Gerrit Rietveld's Red and Blue chair. It was more of something which humoured me, but at the time that interest was based around the JOHN Collection. Since then, my interest has bloomed into an obsession. In less than 12 months... less than ten months even. Less than ten months to turn a slight interest based on Lego furniture into an obsession which has become my ambition in life. Tell my January self that I'd want to be a designer by the end of the year and he's be surprised. Design has taken over my life, it's become my life, and I'm so glad for 2010 to be the time this journey was undertaken.
  5. I built better. I'm proud to say that 2010 was a year spent heavily engaged in the FOL (Fans of Lego) community on Flickr, I've made some great friends there, a couple of enemies, and a lot of great MOCs. Without being too self-indulgent, I must say I've enjoyed this year in the Lego community and I've made some MOCs than I'm still proud of a few months later, which is saying something. Notably the Ishøj House, the Kongsholmparken Café, Hope and Glory Towers (just about) and my Volvo Amazon. Not the Rødovre House, I look back on that in distaste now. It was also great to see everyone at STEAM back in October, I don't see you guys enough! Boo hoo!
  6. I acted a lot. This isn't something you guys hear a lot about and you probably won't hear much more about it next year, but it's been a massive thing for me this year, culminating in several performances in a performance of Alice in Wonderland at my local theatre group in July. And it was the best fun I've ever had, I hope to do a lot more next year. It was amazing. But enough reminiscing.
  7. I started managing my ideas. This process is still very much in its early stages, but I bought a Moleskine and I've started recording my ideas down onto paper, just sketches, so I can develop them properly like real designers do. I start with a concept sketch, develop details and keep doing so until I have something good. Whilst I haven't done the full process on anything yet, I've started getting down my ideas and now they won't fall out of my head again. You won't believe the amount of film and design ideas I've had that I've simply forgotten. I never knew quite how and where to get my ideas down, but my Moleskine is a start on this process.
  8. I've got opinions. I really look back with pride on my philosophical posts, because I love formulating opinions and creating my own identity and finding out what I believe and what I think of stuff. Notably my posts on death, my Fate Graphs, and those couple of posts on religion that pretty much covered my full opinions. I wish I could blog about philsophy more, but then I get all angry and will normally revert to something about death or how small we are and how insignificant we are. It's sad.
  9. 'That's so John'. My writing style has also developed, and I'm very proud of some of the posts I created this year, which people say 'that's so John' too. It's just my style. Totally and utterly. Some examples of this are my Hallowe'en story, and those posts on the new iLife, which I looked back on recently - and I think "how did I actually say that? That is so totally crazy even I'm shocked!' (in the iLife post I captioned one of the pictures with "Note the 'happy' photos of the family on the front of the album, when in fact there's a lot of family issues, domestic violence and a possible divorce via dad-in-drag looming over the horizon." hahahah what!?). And this is what I want to write more in the new year.
  10. I actually did it. Yeah, what I'm more proud of than anything else is that I actually finished this project. It's not totally complete, of course, but I don't give a fuck. I did it. I made it to the end with the vast majority of days posted on, I did it! I DID IT! And now I can finally stop!!
But of course this project would never have been possible without you. You guys, you awesome readers of this blog. Though you may be few in number and fewer in giving a damn, you still comment every now and then and you show your support. Harry, Matti, Tim, Zack and the occasional other person. Thanks guys, really really thank you.

Expect more posts here on JOHNSPACE in the new year, though hopefully fewer and with better content. Though not for a good week, I need a break from this blogging shizzle.

Happy new year, I wish you all a great 2011, and I'll see you after the jump. Thank you and, for the final time in this project, farvel.


Karrde said...

nice one

Zack said...

So no second 365 day project. That's a shame. Looking forward to 2011 though.

Matn said...

Congratulations! It was fun reading everything and I'll keep reading it in 2011.
And I actually enjoyed your summary of that Danish show yesterday. :p

John said...

Thanks Harry, and for your support and comments throughout.

If you had done a whole year of blogging, Zack, you wouldn't want to do it again next year, honest. But I'm looking forward to more blogging from you this year, my friend!

Thanks Matti, for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my ramblings, even the Danish show summary - I only dislike it because I was a bit harsh on Hans. His name isn't even Hans, haha.