Sunday, 26 December 2010

Day 360, on which John stumbles back into normality [26.12.10]

Dag tre hundrede og tres. OK, let's try Day 360 again, since I got it wrong last time. Dang nabbit, I can't believe I got that wrong. Ah well. Ah, Boxing Day, the unappreciated younger brother of Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. A great day, when you can just sit in front of the TV and watch all the best bits that you recorded from the day before. Sadly, with younger sisters that means watching crap like Shrek 3, but I grinned and gritted my teeth through it and even indulged in watching yesterday's Strictly Come Dancing. Which I love to insult, but I secretly like for some reason - a reason I haven't pinned down yet. And, as if that weren't enough, there's a backlog of ER episodes to watch. An old TV series, sure, but one that hasn't lost its appeal in the year or so since it ended. Great stuff.

Suffice to say, I didn't do much today. But hey, what's wrong with that? It's Boxing Day, that's just the way people spend it.

OK, since I haven't been on my computer at all today and I have nothing new to show you, I took a photo of some of the stuff I got for Christmas and I may just blab on about it for another two paragraphs. That way, I may talk some interesting stuff (may) and I'll get this post done. One of these days I need to start looking back through this year's posts and collecting quotes and making funny posts summarising recurring topics. But now, back to shameless self indulgence.

From left to right, them bottom, or some such order:

  • Fifty Chairs that Changed the World book; a nice succint book detailing the best chairs of the past century and a couple from after 2000. And none made of crappy eco-friendly materials, or simply for the purpose of being sustainable. Sadly there's only one Jacobsen (the Series 7 chair), but I will admit that Jacobsen's chairs weren't all world-changing. The Panton chair's there, of course, even on the front cover. And several Eames pieces, a crazily large number of Aarnio chairs (I really need to look into him), Saarinen and some others too. A very good book, if a little too short on description.
  • Danish to English Dictionary; one of my best presents this year, I believe. You have no idea how hard it is to find a decent Danish dictionary - most of them are just phrasebooks, and a lot of the rest are not large enough or aren't in-depth enough. Luckily this one comes with explanation of verbs and adjectives and stuff like that, which will be very helpful. You can't see from this angle but it is in fact a very hefty tome. And has the words Dansk Ordbøger scrawled across the front. Just sayin'.
  • Lego sets; blah blah blah you guys don't want to hear about them, just the usual. I feel like I should have got one big set, like the Grand Emporium, but when I count my newly acquired money I may buy something big in the sales. May.
  • Film; this was totally unexpected! Three rolls of black and white 35mm film from my grandparents, one of the most useful small presents I've got. They usually buy me something big then include a little Lego set but I much prefer getting film than yet another City police motorcycle. Woot.
  • District 9 DVD; I've always wanted this. Now I can have a copy of the awesomeness all to myself.
  • Danish culture books; insta-expert!
  • Another Moleskine; I haven't finished my last one yet but it's always good to have the next one ready to move into. 
And there we go, that's my Christmas loot/haul/whatever. Everyone else was uploading theirs to Flickr and, whilst I don't usually do the whole my-real-life thing, mine's on Flickr too now. Enjoy.


ps. remind me at some point to buy myself a T-shirt reading 'Jacobsen is my homeboy'. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

why didn't you get the sex, drugs and helvetica bold tee? That was freakin awesome.