Friday, 24 December 2010

Day 360, on which John prepares for Christmas [24.12.10]

Dag tre hundrede og tres. Well waddaya know, it's Christmas Eve already. It just snuck up on me like Michael Jackson sneaks (ah sorry, sneaked) up to little children in the streets; light on its feet and with a festive spring in its step. Or at least that's how I expect Mr. Jackson would've sneaked up on his little friends. Something like that. Oh yeah, changing the subject, sorry about yesterday. Some of us have social lives. I don't, but when I do this blog has to take a back seat - and yeah yeah yeah, I know I said I wouldn't miss any more but it was only Christmas Eve Eve and I was really busy so shaddup. OK, panic over.

Now, 'cause I'm going to leave the Danish Christmas story 'til tomorrow when it'll be more appropriate and I may be a little less than sane (or less so than I usually am, HAHAHAHAHAHA), I thought I'd go back to my KLOK project and chart a little bit about the stuff I did for it. Because I can't just forget it all, it took me long enough.

This is a screenshot (can't be bothered to cut it out or anything) of the presentation of our product, named KLOK. I was also in charge of the branding, or at least part of it, so I put some time and effort into that as well. Gee, I'm so generous. And so self-indulgent. Maybe it's just self-indulgence and not generosity. Either way, I did it. And I enjoyed it.

As you can see there's a website for the KLOK. I wanted to keep it very simple and bold, much like the KLOK's actual design (which I can't show you for fear of it being stolen, which I'm more wary than ever of now). Of course, I used Helvetica - Helvetica Neue Ultralight, a very indulgent and elegent weight of the modernist icon that many people would know as being used here and there in M&S's branding. They're a strange bunch, sometimes they used Helvetica Ultralight and sometimes it's another Ultralight font. I keep saying they should decide but to be honest it's barely recognisable. So yeah, I used Helvetica. The photo on the right depicts a video screen in Charing Cross train station. Because the KLOK is best recognised by its dynamic mechanism, the screen would show a simplified version of the KLOK's face, displaying the current time and thus being useful. Something like that.

OK I've got to go now and lay out my stocking for Old Father Jacobsen to come and fill with modernist presents overnight. HURR DURR.


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