Saturday, 25 December 2010

Day 359, on which IT'S CHRISTMAS!! [25.12.10]

Dag tre hundrede nioghalvtreds. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shit. I miscounted the number of days at some point, meaning that today was what I thought would be the 361st day of the year but it is actually the 359. Aw snappity snap, I'm such a bollock sometimes. Ah well, it's Christmas, so I won't ruin the festive spirit by going back and changing all the day numbers today. Let's leave that for another day in this godforsaken year.

Anywho, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope Old Father Jacobsen graced your stockings and socks and places for placing prezzies with many a modernist gift for less than £10 per unit. I certainly got a lot from 'Jacobsen', though I think we all know who he really is. The Danes can delude themselves with Old Father Jacobsen delivering prezzies in the night but we all know that it's really Santa who does the delivering. Y'know, Father Christmas. Ol' Saint Nick. Blah blah blah. That kinda guy. Big beard, big belly, bigger reputation. And no, not Brian Blessed. You seriously think he can fit through a doorway, let alone a chimney? Pfft. Pffffffffffft. Pee eff eff eff tee.

I am so crazy tonight. 'Cause I've finally caught the festive bug and it's hit me hard. Like malaria, only it hurts less and people don't give you as many presents when you have malaria. So what did I get this Christmas? Well, a whole load of awesome stuff. Apart from three Lego sets (both Hoth battle sets and the PoP Ostrich one; yeah I'm full of fleshies at the moment), a book about the 50 greatest chairs (with the Panton chair on the front, naturally), District 9 on doovde (which I've been meaning to buy), some more black and white film from my grandparents (totally unexpected and totally helpful), a new Moleskine (oh I didn't see that coming hurr durr), and a bunch of money thingies. What're they called? Oh yeah, pounds. Poonds.

Many people probably think I'm a hypocrite right now. A true, strong-opinioned atheist loving and enjoying Christmas. I'm enjoying their celebrations, their festivities, their special event about their special guy. And I don't even believe in his dad, let alone him. But I think it's time for those people to wake up and smell the gravy, because times have changed and Christmas is no longer synonymous with the baby Jeebus and his friends. It's been commercialised, globalised and sucked of all its festive glory. And so I can enjoy it as much as I like, thank you, because there's no shame in enjoying Christmas and not going to the special ceremony or whatever anymore. It's sad, yes, that this tradition and historical backgrouynd to the event has faded and is on its way out, but this is the change of society and it's still a whole load of fun.

So I hope you guys all had great fun today; I know I certainly did! Merry non-religious Christmas to you all, (Arnemas?) and I hope you have a good Boxing Day too!


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