Saturday, 18 December 2010

Day 354, on which John unleashes the Rødovre Townhouse [17.12.10]

Dag tre hundrede fireoghalvtreds. Well, today was one helluva turnaround. From leaving my townhouse unfinished last night, I got up this morning ready to build, build and build some more. And build I did; in fact I finished the house, gave it a location, took photos, then uploaded them and now this post will give you a [hopefully] interesting insight into why what's in the house is in it and why the house looks like it looks.

Oh, by the way, before we carry on, I've been thinking about rather dark things. Death, mainly. And I thought; if someone dies when they're young, how can you be sure what they'd like their funeral to be like and how they'd be remembered? So, in the eventuality of some ungodly circumstance which causes my death, here are my plans: firstly, no boring funeral music. Just Arcade Fire, then when that runs out, Capital to get people in the mood. As for my burial, I'd like the following: place my body in a courageous position like I'm on top of a plinth, then cut off Justin Bieber's head and place it in my outstretched hand, dangling over the edge of aforementioned plinth (still in the coffin, remember) and place a Danish flag in my other hand, made to look like it's fluttering. Then, underneath this beautiful scene, some crappy wrapping paper can be stretched on which must be sharpied, to the letter: "VICTORY." then a small note underneath: "FUCK YOU JESUS".

That should do me good for the afterlife.

OK, ladies and gentlemen, I present the Rødovre Townhouse. Yeah, I know I said I wasn't going to build for this contest, but when I saw my work copied last weekend I got in a funk about it and I did a 'ragebuild', which resulted, a week later, in this thing. I don't think it's perfect, really. It's not quite perfect, it's a bit too rough a bit too complex at the back. It lacks a simple shape, but I guess if I'm trying something that big, then keeping a simple shape is very hard. I originally wanted to have backwards slanted windows (like on the right side of the second pic) all across the roof, but I didn't have enough roof slopes or windows so I had to make do with a nice flat plane, which in a way has simplified the design. In a way.

The idea is that there is a tough, flat face to look out onto the street, but the back is much more luxurious and personal. There's a balcony, a garden and a staircase leading down to the basement (why is it that I always think of it as leading out from the basement?). I would've liked to have done more with the garden, but I couldn't really do much more and I just wanted to get it done and photographed.

The front of the house has an alternating concrete-window texture, which was one of the original ideas of the build. The people inside can see out onto the street with an array of windows, but they also feel seperate from the street and don't feel like the street is looking back in, which can be quite disconcerting. Note, also, the angled windows at the ground, which lead light down into the bottom floor. They were a bitch to put in, that's for sure.

More details tomorrow!

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