Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Day 350, on which it snows IN JOHN'S MIND [14.12.10]

Dag tre hundrede og halvtreds. Mmkay, only fifteen more days of the year. ONLY FIFTEEN MORE DAYS OF THE YEAR! Mah gawsh, that's quite startling actually. Today I realised something big: I really enjoy doing this blog. It gives me something creative, expressive and above all non-academic to do in the evenings. What with GCSEs and all, schoolwork is just gonna go over-the-top (I refuse to abbreviate that here on JOHNSPACE, it's kind of a tradition) and I'll have no way out, no way to say "actually, I didn't do schoolwork all evening". And now that's gone. But I was thinking; I should try some other sort of project. Not a one-a-day project, but still a regular thing which continues throughout the whole year. Like, maybe a Moleskine sketch over a double-page spread every week? A photo every month? A short story or script every month? I'd like to improve my Moleskine sketches, and certainly do more creative writing (this doesn't count, yeah?)... we'll see. I need to have some way to format my year. Then it'll all go to shit.

Today I have some quality (doubtable, I know) photos for you back from when it was snowing. Which is why this post title ends in "IN JOHN'S MIND", a running not-funny gag here on JOHNSPACE. Wow, i seem to be talking about this blog objectively a lot today. Funny.

First up is this tastefully composed photo of a footprint in the snow. Ra-ther nice. However, I'm not too happy with the composition and I really wish I could go back and alter this photo and take it a bit more to the right; then the footprint would lie on the right vertical and bottom horizontal lines of the rule of thirds (draw a noughts-and-crosses grid over the photo and elements in the photo should touch the four intersections), but I guess that's not chronologically possible. Note to self: make sure shots are perfect before you take the photo. PERFECT.

Oops, forgot to say: all photos are from John Too, my second Flickr account. Dang, I'm like Bruce Forsyth, forgetting stuff. Seriously, he totally forgets to introduce the band on Strictly, people should take bets on how far into the show he gets before he remembers to introduce them. Silly Brucey.

Next up is an equally tasteful photo of a parking signpost. I think I got the rule of thirds near spot-on here. But what I really love about this shot is the snow in the bottom-left. I have a bunch more photos of it, but until my friend gives me the go-ahead to upload the pics of him I can't show you. They all look wonderful; like a winter wonderland. Oh, and you see that green-tinted building on the left? Jessops. They fucked it up. Too much anti-magenta, stupid people. Ah well, I'm over them now. No more Jessops for me.

Next up, a shot of a lamp-post and telegraph pole. Not much interesting; there's a much better, closer crop of this shot in Snowfall, funnily enough. I shot Snowfall after I took these photos, so I must have just subconsciously revisited it. Hah, it's funny how my subconscious works, for it certainly doesn't work logically. Or maybe it does. Too logically for my comprehension. I love how people's subconsciouses (subconscii?) are like totally different minds, acting differently and surprising you and confusing you yet they're actually just deeper into your mind that you are.

A shot taken in the dark, where my camera fared quite well. And so did Jessops in their processing skills (or lack thereof). Woop woop, good stuff, a bit off-kilter though. That seems to be a recurring theme with me. By the way, this is by my local train station, and those speakers also featured in Snowfall. Which just goes to show I always take photos of the same stuff.



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