Sunday, 12 December 2010

Day 347, on which John goes over the top, part XVIII [12.12.10]

Dag tre hundrede syvogfyrre. Today was a busy, busy day. Firstly, some guy on Flickr posted a Lego house design... that was almost identical to my Ishøj House. And yes, I know that nothing is original on the internet, and that I shouldn't keep on whining about how someone copied my stuff without credit, but suffice to say it pissed me off big time. Luckily he's removed the photos now, which I guess is a good thing, but I've had just about enough. So, in a fit of rage and strange coincidental architecture inspiration, I got to work on the Brick Architect Contest entry I said I was never going to do.

It's one beast of a house, that's for sure. It's sliced through the side so you can see in, and it's inset into the ground so I had to build a big steady base all around it. And it's eating up my parts like Anne Widdicombe eats up Labour MPs. I don't even know if I can finish it to my satisfaction... all my architecture has one powerful form but with my amount of parts (windows and dark grey slopes in particular) I don't think that will be possible. It's just too big. Too complicated. Too many goddamn windows.

I could buy some bricks, if they'll arrive in time, but it'd mean finding another BrickLink store and I don't like doing that. It's either Simply Bricks or Lego Pick-a-Brick. Simply Bricks doesn't have the slopes, and PaB is just too expensive. But maybe I'll have to swallow my pride and regurgitate my wallet if I want to get this done well.

Today I've been thinking. Which is never a good thing with me. But just think; at the moment I'm interested in photography, graphic design, interior design and architecture. Surely at some point in my education - very soon - I'll have to funnel those interests and just pick one. Only one, whilst I'm still passionate about the others. Or will I be? It's scary to think that maybe there's some part of biological or sociological adulthood that means you have to adopt one main passion or skill and work at that for the rest of your life. Of course, Jacobsen was both an architect and a designer, but his main passion was architecture and he didn't treat his furniture with as much attention (as hard as it is to believe). The education system forces students to specialise in one thing, because then they can cover that one thing completely and in enough depth to do a degree.

Sure, that's the normal and most efficient way of doing it, but for people like me it could mean that I end up doing one thing and ignoring the others. Nothing to do with the Tories, just the way education works. It's sad to think that I'm rapidly approaching this funnel at which I must choose from my interests. And it's even sadder to think that in ten years' time I may be happy as larry being just a furniture designer. And because I did a degree in interior/product/furniture design, I can never be an architect or even a graphic designer. The social system is designed to create people who are incredibly skilled in one area, so where are the exceptions? Struggling to persuade clients that they can do more than they're qualified to do, is where they are. So what can I do to break this system?

Nothing. Just stay true to my passions and struggle through, is all I can think of. Sadly.


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