Saturday, 11 December 2010

Day 346, on which John is Livin' Th' Dream [11.12.10]

Dag tre hundrede seksogfyrre. Today was a pretty slow day. Tried to do some stuff, it didn't work out, so I did some stuff that would work out, and it did. A bunch of packaging designs, not for anything in particular, but I'll hopefully include it in my portfolio and show it to you guys later. I'm quite proud of it, it's a bunch of boxes to store penicillin bottles for use in the developing world. Not that 'for use in the developing world' is any specification for the design, it just explains why the penicillin is stored in boxes and I also designed a box to store those boxes. Like those boxes you get by the tills in newsagents, which decant collectible toys, only for triangular boxes storing penicillin! It's the first time I've tried something so complex and well thought-out, and it's nearly finished. Just need to make the packaging again, because at the moment it's a bit rough. Then photographs, then I show you!

OK, my current musical obsession is the American alternative band, You, Me & Everyone We Know. From now on I'll call them YMAEWK, because that's simpler, though can I just note: their name is awesome. Great name. So it was a good first impression when someone on Flickr suggested them to me after I told them about my obsession with Arcade Fire (or at least, my obsession with Arcade Fire's latest album plus 'Wake Up'). So I got onto Spotify to check 'em out, listened to their first and only album ('Some things don't wash out', September 2010) and then listened to it again. And again. And again. And again. And lo and behold, a new obsession dawned. I left it a few days, listened to it a bit here and there, but today I couldn't resist the urge, so I bought it off iTunes and I'm very happy.

YMAEWK is not like Arcade Fire. I'd just like to get that sorted. YMAEWK has a very consistent genre and sound of songs, whereas Arcade Fire are totally nuts and just sing whatever comes to mind, be it indie, rock or even 80s pop like in 'Sprawl II', my fave of theirs. So I don't like YMAEWK's album as much, sorry to say. But that still doesn't mean I don't like it a lot, because I love Arcade Fire's 'The Suburbs'.

YMAEWK's album, 'Some things just don't wash out', contains 11 songs of which I'd say at least 7 were very good, two others are good and the other two are simply decent. They aren't bad songs, not at all, because the folks in that band are super-talented. They're just not as awesome, they don't have such a memorable tune. So let me guide you through the songs of theirs which I love:

This song is my all-time fave of theirs, 'A bigger point of pride'. You can get a very good feel of what the album's like and what sort of music they make by this song, but it's also incredibly catchy. Strangely, it's not one of the most popular of the album on iTunes. Maybe iTunes and I have different tastes. The album starts of very strong, and I love that there's a big song 'Shock and awe' then the smaller, one-minute song 'I'm losing weight for you' directly afterwards that ties in, they flow right together. It's a really nice way of starting off an album, and creating two songs which are strong on their own but work better when played in the right order. Sadly, that's about as tied together as it gets and the rest of the album is just a collection of the songs they've made. The final song, 'Moon, roll me away' is quite sad and is a nice soft end to the album, if they intended it that way.

This song, 'Bootstraps' is probably the second best in my opinion and, I suppose, is what everyone else would consider YMAEWK's best song. It's really really good, has a good structure, and best of all is very catchy. I can't comment much on the music itself because I don't know enough about music, but I can say that I love this song too. According to my Flickr informant, YMAEWK sound great live - and I can really understand that. And I agree. The songs feel a bit flat coming from my headphones, digitally, and to hear them live would give a load more depth to them. But would I go to one of their concerts? Hmm, I don't know. Probably not, unless I found another YMAEWK fan. Until then I'm happy enough listening to them digitally.

But it's still a good album. Not perfect, of course, but very little is when compared to 'The Suburbs'. Still, check out YMAEWK. They've got some brilliant music. And that cool name too, haha.


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