Thursday, 9 December 2010

Day 344, on which John slices his fingers. Again. [9.12.10]

Dag tre hundrede fireogfyrre. Wow, day 344? We're so close to the end I can taste the New Year on my tongue. And it tastes like success. I think I should try and not miss any more from now on, as we have so few days left (21 to be exact) and it'd be good to do a solid home run without any faffing about with missed posts. I say this, but no doubt I'll miss a post. I feel like I should miss a post on Christmas day, because it's worth it, but also it might be a great time to write a great post, and why should I miss the opportunity? Ah well, I guess we'll just have to see what happens when we get there. Don't expect anything exciting.

So yeah if you're wondering about the posts title today it's 'cause I was lino printing again and sliced into my fingers again. Not as bad this time you'll be relieved to know but still a shock and still bloody annoying (with the emphasis on the bloody). To be honest, it's only today and the first time I tried lino printing that I've cut myself, and only this time because I wasn't paying attention. And I was cutting out some tricky Helvetica letters in a word. I've finished cutting the lino and it looks really rough - I sure do hope it'll come out better when printed.

In a way I feel like I'm blaspheming, cutting down Helvetica and getting the lines wrong, thinning out the U or rounding the pinch of the B. I guess it's all about interacting with the font, and you can't interact unless you change it in some way, and it changes you. It's certainly changed me and my outlook on design and typography, that's for sure.

So yesterday my new film stuff arrived. Much excitement insuid. Very, very much excitement - I now have a bunch of 120 films (for the uninitiated: large, square film used in box cameras) that I'm going to use in an old Russian box camera (labelled 'made in USSR') of my dad's. Hopefully I'll get on with the 120 film format really well; I only hope that we find a good way to print 120 film prints, because I can develop the film myself but as for prints we're pretty much out of ideas. The current enlarger we have can't take 120 film, or at least the attachment for 120 film isn't available because they don't make those enlargers any more - and getting 120 film printed externally is very expensive. Bummer.

Shitty post, I know. Sorry guys.

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you should do a drunk post on the 25th