Thursday, 2 December 2010

Day 337, on which John makes a short film called 'Snowfall' [2.12.10]

Dag tre hundrede syvogtredive. Quite a productive day today, actually. I made a short film, which you'll see later, and I went up to town for the first time since it has snowed. Imagine, if you will, a slush puppy. A massive slush puppy, but dark grey, and all over the ground of the high street. That was what Bromley town centre was. A disgusting sloppy mess of dirty snow, kids off school, and bored parents looking for something to do with their days. What I found quite interesting is that the shoppers had created little paths through the snow; one big one along the length of the high street and undeveloped ones jutting off from it. The less snow was on a path, the more it had been walked down so the more popular it was. Topman and Next had popular paths, with much more snow being on the paths to Clinton's and that carpet shop which I've never been into.

Maybe I'm intellectualizing this a bit too much.

Anywho, today I finally got around to editing that short film I was nattering on about yesterday. Actually, I shouldn't say 'finally' because I only took the footage yesterday. It's a pretty quick turnaround by my standards. I'm really excited about this film, actually. Really excited. 'Cause it turned out really, really well.

It hasn't got any sort of well thought-out story or plotline. It's a short film that is simply trying to get across to you a mood, an experience. A time and a place and what that felt like to me when I was there. The time? Yesterday. The place? Around my house; my neighbourhood. I took a wander and filmed a bunch of static shots and now they've been edited (only a couple of hours' work, I'm quite proud of myself) and are slowly uploading to YouTube. In case it doesn't upload by the end of today, and so won't get included in this post, here's a screenshot from the title slide of it:

It sounds all professional and formal, but in actual fact it's 1:40 long and it's pretty uneventful. I only added in the goes-home-at-end plotline when I was editing, because it was originally intended to be a simple Russian-style montage with way too many opening credits like those Flickr-esque videos I was reviewing a week or so ago. Of course, I did mention that one of the problems with them was that they had a lack of even a basic storyline, so I've included a very basic one in mine. I hope you enjoy it.

As for the music, it's 'Scherzo' from West Side Story. I was really stuck for what music to use in this video, knowing full well that the music would define the mood of the short film. I first thought that Ellie Goulding's version of 'Your Song' may be nice and moody and appropriate, but the lyrics would have thrown the mood of the film off. So, after listening to West Side Story tracks on Spotify for a bit, I stumbled upon the short instrumental track 'Scherzo' and realised it would be ideal. Maybe a little too Christmas-y at times, but other than that perfect. Next time I'd like to put a short film to a song with lyrics, but for now this'll do. By the way, the quality is only a result of Final Cut being shitty with me. The original footage is 1024x768 and the titles should be super-crisp, but oooohhh no, Final Cut had to be stupid with me! Agh!


ps. Here's the video!


Karrde said...

I like it, shaky camera work in the middle through me off for a little but the rest was good.

John said...

Yeah, I was never going to include that shaky shot, but it seemed a little dull with just static shots. Glad you liked it, though :D