Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Day 336, on which John is walkin' in a winter wonderland [1.12.10]

Dag tre hundrede seksogtredive. Today, it snowed. More. School was called off, kids ran out into the streets with sleds and parents stayed inside and moaned about how cold it was. Great fun was had all round, apart from the road gritting people, who are working overtime. But they're getting paid, so they should just shut their moaning.

A friend of mine said to me on monday that snow separates the mature from the immature. That if you don't like the snow, you've finally matured into a boring adult, and that if you love the snow you're an immature kid. Which, logical as it is, is really goddamn dull. There's such a thing as overmature, or too mature for your age. And yeah, I'm mature in other areas - I only laugh at 40% of penises drawn around my school, which is good compared to other people. So you have to give me this one exception, a time when I can scream "SSSSNNNOWW! YAY!" and be immature. And besides, it's better than being a road gritter.

I went round my neighbourhood today and snapped some short video clips to be used in an upcoming short movie, much like those Flickr-photo-esque movies I was talking about a few weeks back. I just looked outside and thought "I have to capture this. Somehow." and video was the natural answer. Here's one clip from the film. It's totally useless on its own and a pretty crap clip but it's the smallest of the bunch and I want to show you something:

But anywho, we have a monthly letter to write. It's the first of December (whoo Advent!) so to go along with the tradition of the entire 365 project, I will write a letter to myself in the past and myself in the future. Here's last month's letter. Good luck making sense of this.

Dear me,
November John, shut up about school. About how you found it tough getting back. Because I'm off in the fantastic snow season and I'm lovin' it. Wonderful stuff, snow. I'd high-five whoever invented it but I'm afraid you'll answer 'God' and then we'll get into the whole atheists-vs-Christians thing, and that's a messy debacle indeed.

Oh, past John, you're reading Sons and Lovers? Well, touché slash ditto, 'cause I am too. Still. It's a hefty book and I'm kinda losing interest in it. There's something about it that seems cold and distant, like Lawrence is just recounting events without any flair or excitement. Catcher in the Rye was eventful enough to keep me glued to it, but Sons and Lovers just trawls through immensely dull everyday-family-life sections that are no fun to read. At all. And no, I don't give a damn how good a book it is in concept, it's difficult to read. I did take a break to read the brilliant short play 'Abigail's Party' by Mike Leigh though, and that was good. Such clever, concise social stereotypes! Oh it was a joy to read! I'd like to act it sometime...

Oh how ironic. I'm there, at the start of November, bragging about how I love the song Barbra Streisand and how I'll get tired of it at some point. Well, I did. Pretty quickly. Now I look at it with disgust. I can't believe those twats at Capital FM were singing its praises back then like "this is the best song we'll get all year blah blah blah we're trying to sound cool dudes," and now they never play it. I guess that just goes to show how everything moves on so quickly. At the moment I'm listening to some Robbie Williams stuff because I've become tired of most of my music. I need to find something new to sink my ears into.

OK, onto the responses from last month. I haven't written much Cronas 13 recently because I've been busy with school and losing design competitions et cetera, but I'm still going to make it. My main project at the moment is JCiii, and I don't want to confuse myself with writing C13 as well as building furniture and sets. Let's just concentrate on one thing for the next month, John. Oh yeah, JCiii and school. Can't forget that. The play-in-January has stalled because the goddamn woman won't reply to my email, but I'mma phone her on Saturday and get this thing moving, if it will. As for earphones, we'll leave that open to the present onslaught of Christmas. Which is so close, I could lick it. I've got my Lego advent calendar here all ready. Oooh boy. Plus, I'll have to get back to you on that TV show idea. Not sure how me and you (me) could run it together.

Sadly I can't write any questions for next month because next month will be January, and I'll be out of this 365 project. When I realised this it really hit me how much this project has just become a regular thing for me this year, and I'll really be impacted by its ending. Sniff.

Farewell, John. It's been fun.


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