Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Day 335, on which John treks home [30.11.10]

Dag tre hundrede femogtredive. It's the last day of the month. Which means I have one entire month to go until the end of the project. One twelfth of the year to go. In a way, I'm sad, because this project has created some great posts on this blog. It's made my imagination thrive, fed my obsession with design and has kept me busy every evening. It's not been all bad. But it's has its lows, let's not get cocky. Lows and highs, that's how it works. One month to go. Low or high? Only time will tell.

OK, long story short today I spent two hours trekking out in the snowy wastelands that were what my hometown, a dull London suburb, became today. It snowed heavily though the night and non-stop in the day. So there I am, no coat, thinking "I'll just go to school". No chance; no bus, no trains, nothing. I tried to walk there with a couple of friends, but halfway on our exciting journey we gave up, bought some chocolate and trekked back home. The scenic route, naturally. I saw my primary school again, we went past it. It's amazing how little it's changed, and how much I've changed. There are still little kids rushing into the gate, excited about the snow day. Ah, my childhood years. (which is ironic because technically I'm still in my childhood years)

Anywho I got home soaking wet, had a shower, then went back out to throw snowballs at aforementioned friends. Blah blah blah took some photos went home here we are. Moving on.

There's this competition running on Flickr. Called the 'Brick architecture' contest. "That's one for John," I hear you say. Why yes, yes it is. I was very excited when I heard about it - a chance to win a prize and make another modernist Lego house. Experiment with a bit more architecture. And get this - the theme of the contest is 'townhouses'. So it's a no brainer. Easy peasy stuff.

Except it wasn't that easy. Two months in, I was still at a loss for what to build. My architecture inspiration had left me, replaced by a sudden urge to write something powerful and a bit of Kjærholm/Saarinen fanboyhood. So I sat there, wondering what I could drag out from my Moleskine to build, especially as the contest is ending in the new year. Luckily, today inspiration hit me. The idea I was going to go for - if I could afford the parts - was a massive freestanding sculpture-like house, but it wasn't very 'towny' (much like buses ahahahaha injoke). So, after watching an inparticularly dull episode of Homes Under the Hammer (I was bored, daytime TV was my only saviour. So much for saving me), I had the idea - making a terraced house, or a semi-detached house, to be copied dozens of times across a newly developing suburb like Ishøj. But the problem comes with this: there are dozens of houses like that, so how do I make each house owner feel like their house is personalised to them? It needs to feel like their very own, unique house. Which means flexible spaces and maybe even flexible exterior architecture.

So it'll take some work to pin down the concept as specifically as I'd like, but it should look good when finished. And require no more Bricklink orders. And be finished by the new year.

One more month, John. One more month. Just keep telling yourself that.


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