Sunday, 28 November 2010

Day 333, on which John has a nasty taste of matte emulsion in his mouth [28.11.10]

Dag tre hundrede treogtredive. Lots of threes, guys. Three three three. Day 333. And to honour the occasion of stupidly matching numbers (which we all know must be important in some way), I've decided to take some quotes from day 111 and day 222 to create some sort of retarded pastiche of a sentence. Sadly, I didn't blog on Day 222 so I'm going to use the next post, Day 226. Please note alternating word groupings are from Day 111 and Day 226 respectively:
I've checked back, and it seems that I have indeed posted three times [-] out of Copenhagen to a small suburb called Ishøj. [-] Today's wonderfully appropriate picture [-] was barely a village, barren and [-] on my toes. [-] When you saw someone from behind, [-] I know you're all sick of furniture. So yah, I now [-] leave the best 'til last, but this was the worst. We [-] always seem to pick really complicated projects to do, which means [-] the museum had large metal bolted doors as if it was preserving the pieces of art inside, things which are being kept safe. [-] Gasp.
My my my, that made a whole load of sense, didn't it? Whee, maybe I should try that more often. By which I mean that I really shouldn't. Yeah, sarcasm really doesn't show on the internet. OK, before we start a few paragraphs on a consistent topic, I feel I must explain the post title to you: I painted my cellar today in preparation for the darkroom revamp, and painting for three hours straight in a windowless room was probably not the best idea. I can still taste the matte emulsion in my mouth now. Mmm, Crown matte white paint. Tasty.

OK, today I got very bored (seems to be a recurring theme of this weekend, I need to do more stuff fo sho) and decided to finally watch that TV programme Misfits which everyone is so wild about. People keep coming up to me, saying "you so need to watch Misfits!" and I have to sadly reply "I haven't yet, I should do," but I hadn't until today. It popped up on YouTube (via 4OD) and I watched it. And I was impressed, very. I always thought it was going to be another crappy, badly-made superhero thing, but it was a perfectly balanced cross between Skins and Heroes.

The plot is that there are a bunch of antisocial teenagers who are doind community service one day when they get hit by lightning in some freak massive-hail-storm (reminded me of The Day after Tomorrow in that respect) and all gain some sort of character-appropriate superhuman power. The shy guy can become invisible, the guy who regrets the mistakes he's made in the past gets the power to turn back time, the girl who is always judged can hear others' thoughts about her, and the slutty girl gets the power to make anyone why touches her 'fall in lust with her' (I quote the programme description here, it says it best). Strange, eh? Add in the fact they're all antisocial, spend their days in a run-down community centre on a council estate in London and a bunch more stuff and you have an intruiging programme. I watched three whole episodes this afternoon, I was so sucked in. It didn't help that I watched the last episode of the series first, but I guess that's just bad luck.

So, if you're up with a 'superhero' programme with one hell of a twist, I recommend Misfits. It's by no means my fave programme, but it's certainly very well made and the programme-makers could have made it a total disaster and they didn't. They saved it from being a farcical mess of special effects and swearing. It's saved from being The Inbetweeners but with superpowers, thank goodness. They actual control the language they use in Misfits, funnily enough. So go watch it, if you're interested.


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