Friday, 26 November 2010

Day 331, on which John has a free evening [26.11.10]

Dag tre hundrede enogtredive. It's one entire month until Boxing Day, d'you know that? One whole month to go. Or, one month minus one day until Christmas day itself. I can't wait. Because do you know what Christmas means? Presents, of course. Sure, my presents may not benefit you in the slightest slash at all, but here's the great thing about it: I have a present for you all. It'll be big. It'll be the biggest goddamn present you'll get this Christmas. You won't physically receive it, but you'll get it if you check my Flickr.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I hereby announce that my Christmas present to you all - one year in the making - is the third JOHN Collection catalogue, or JCiii as I've been abbreviating it. It'll be big, bigger than JCii - it tops 18 pages in all, and those pages and packed with new, modernist LEGO furniture. The format is quite different this time, for instead of being sorted by what sort of furniture the pieces are, they're grouped into specific rooms - bathroom, bedroom or home office for example. This is a much more professional and logical way of doing it, and makes the catalogue seem more like a normal, IKEA catalogue rather than simply a display of my design skills.

JCiii will officially be named "The JOHN Collection 2011" to make it seem modern and as up-to-date as possible. Plus, the stuff I've built over this year will be current and usable for the entirety of next year. I'm making stuff now to provide LEGO houses with brand spanking new furniture for next year. I think it's quite a clever format, and I'll hopefully be using this format for the foreseeable future (for however long I still do the JOHN Collection for).

Now, since I know you're interested, here's a list of some of the stuff you can expect to see in the catalogue, to be released around Christmas (but not necessarily before):

  • HOME OFFICE; this department is quite a tricky department to define, but the general idea is that it includes all the furniture that I made for office use that looked a bit too soft or homey for a harsh, work-a-lot office. Home office has a much more relaxed feel to it. It includes bit, individual desks whereas office desks seem to be more utilitarian.
  • OFFICE; this department speaks for itself. Hat stands, desks, meeting tables, shelving, computers, everything you'd find in your average office. Nice stuff in this department, in fact I believe it is the most full department and I had to move a lot of pieces over and distribute them in other departments.
  • LIVING ROOM; sofas and coffee tables and stuff like that. I need to do a lot more on this department, it's not finished yet.
  • BEDROOM; similarly this department is far from finished as I don't seem to have any inspiration for building beds. There are a couple of pieces that are really nice that sparsely populate the bedroom department at the moment, though. Every department has its gems.
  • BATHROOM; this is not even started. I don't know why, it's just totally empty. I have no inspiration to build baths or sinks or anything like that. Total bummer, I may have to remove it entirely from the catalogue. Gasp!
  • KITCHEN; this one's coming along alright. It needs a fully-lit scene, though, which I haven't done yet. Will have to get a move on with that.
  • OUTDOORS; this one also needs a fully lit scene. Which I haven't done. But it has enough pieces in it, that's for sure. A couple more and the scene done and it'll be perfecto, and finished. I'm really going for a cosy-indoors-furniture-outside vibe.
  • INDUSTRIAL; this is my name for all the furniture I designed for a specific use, outside the everyday home. For example, pieces from my MOCs appear here, like from my Neo-Futuron scene a week or so ago. A bit of a mish-mash of stuff, but should have a good fully-lit scene, which is next in line for me to do.
That's all I'll discuss today, for it's late, I'm tired and the other departments will make good blogging topics for another day when I have no idea what to blog about.

My free evening? Spent playing Half-Life II. I play it, I enjoy it, then I get deadly annoyed with it and quit in a huff. Grr.


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