Monday, 22 November 2010

Day 327, on which nothing important happens in John's life, so no change there [22.11.10]

Dag tre hundrede syvogtyve. Spickety span, Spannicky spit. Today I'll start by writing a dit. Less like a song, more like a poem; written by John though you don't even know 'im. There's nothing to say 'cause his day was so bland, blahdy blahdy blahy blahdy blahnd. So yeah, that dit went downhill pretty quick. In four lines, to be exact. Fun fun fun.

In other news, I'm photographing the latest JOHN Collection III scene as we speak. Well not exactly as we speak, 'cause we're talking, and I'm waiting for the battery to charge. After it does, I'll be snapping away. This fully-lit scene is for the 'Garage' department, which may sound silly but it's a whole new take on a garage. And it just so happens to be the biggest goddamn garage you've ever seen, so it's easier to fit the furniture in.

OK, nothing important happened today in my boring-ass life (yes, adding the suffix '-ass' to a word is now deemed socially acceptable), so I guess I'll have to search for other topics to natter on about in my way. OK, remember that play I wanted to write? Not the January thing, the other thing that I talked about for two posts? Well, now it's evolved into a play-in-a-book, so a novel that is in script format just 'cause it fits the story more. In fact, I'd much rather write in novel script format, because it removes any of the formalities and complexities of writing "Jens said thoughtfully", where you can just write: "JENS: (thoughtfully) ..." So much easier, gads.

The plot has evolved into something which I can't quite grasp yet. Some sprawling mess of settings, scenes, lines, and the main character who is not very developed in my mind but should be by the time I get round to writing this play. I've already decided that the play, its locations, will be set in Denmark. No big thing to change because they're all normal places; offices and shops. And the reason I set it in Denmark? Well, it could easily be any other foreign country. Any other country, at all. The idea is to show the main character go through this experience (which I can't quite describe to you, you'll have to be patient), which almost anyone could go through. But, instead of setting it in London with a guy named Dave, I'm going to set it in another country. I don't want the audience being distracted by thinking "Oh, London, that's the capital of England, my gran lives there, I went on a school trip there once" when London is mentioned. It should be a normal human settlement, but nothing that brings up any memories and inspiration etc. in the audience. The same with the name of the main character; if it's Dave then the audience's minds could go off on a tangent about that guy in their old school called Dave who was a real git, or that time when their aunt mistook them for someone called Dave. Too many damn relations, references, etc. Of course, I can't set it in a town called Zarquillika with a dude named Heebeedijeebus, that'd be silly, so I'll write what I know. Denmark.

I'm gonna take those photos and hit the sack for tonight, guys. More discussion on this play tomorrow.


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