Sunday, 21 November 2010

Day 326, on which John watches some arty short films [21.11.10]

Dag tre hundrede énogtyve. Woah woah woah, big news today: some crap about the X Factor! Haha, I don't give a damn, I just found it via the Yahoo! homepage. Sometimes I feel sorry for the writers at Yahoo!, 'cause Google has pretty much nommed away their audience and they're doing it for the few people who still live in the nineties. Which, unfortunately for Yahoo!, makes up a very small part of the internet-using populace. They're the baggy shirt-wearing, IE toolbar-using, five fonts in the same goddamn word-using maniacs who are found in the deepest depths of America when the time zone is so far behind it's 1998. And yes, this is the truth. I watched it on the TV therefore it must be true.

ps. I built a massive set for the JOHN Collection today. Not entirely finished, but the general look of it was there. Just need to chuck some furniture in (that's what it's for, of course), sort of the lighting and take some photos. Then, one set down and three more to go. Then compile into a catalogue, then put up on Flickr. Before Christmas. Somehow.

Remember when I was talking about Jesper Just's videos? Well, I've recently discovered the great short films of Scott Foley, who is no professional filmmaker, just some dude in college who takes great video shots and chucks some incredible music and wonderful typography into his vids, making them near-perfect. This sort of video is the kind that lots of photographers on Flickr try to do, but never do well. Scott Foley's work is spot-on, very professional looking (though sometimes not quite) and always well edited. See:

Where The Rainbow Ends. from Scott Foley on Vimeo.

I just LOVE this video. Really, really love it. There's something about the dialogue at the start and the way it merges into the music that is just brilliant. Foley has a whole bunch of videos like this, all with their own style and fitting music, but I feel like something is lacking. Namely, a plotline. Sure, the visuals are great, and the music's also good, but where's the story? You don't need dialogue for the story, so you can keep your kick-ass tracks, Mr. Foley. This is one thing that Brickfilmers back in my old community of Brickfilming on YouTube neglected. Plot? Nah. A story that makes sense? Nah. Flowing, natural dialogue? Nah. Just have a Jedi killing battle droids.

So, to second what I said in my Jesper Just post, I need to make videos like this. I have to. They're the perfect meeting point of great Flickr photography style and filmmaking. Just add in a vaguely meaningful storyline and hey presto, you've got an amazing video.

One day, I'll make one. One day.


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