Saturday, 20 November 2010

Day 325, on which John gets the Source Code [20.11.10]

Dag tre hundrede femogtyve. Yeesh, a crappy day today. Woke up late, doodled some Moleskine stuff (including a really good uppercase slab-serif E, I was really proud of myself), didn't feel in the mood for getting on with JOHN Collection III, which is really lagging behind now, so I just played Half-Life 2 for the rest of the day. Goddammit Nova Prospekt is a long level. Really annoying. So many Combines, so many headcrabs, so many spooky dark corridors! I am so fed up with it at the moment. SO FED UP.

OK, today I have a movie trailer for you. Woah, the last time I did that was... what, last year? With D9 and Inception? Something like that. Anywho, I present to you Source Code, the second film from the director of Moon, Duncan Jones. The general plot idea is that Jake Gyllenhaal is an army general dude who gets implanted into the mind of a guy eight minutes before he dies in a train a'splosion to find out who the bomber is. He experiences the a'splosion loads of times, à la Groundhog Day, and meanwhile falls in love with the man's wife who's also on the train and tries to change history yada yada yada.

If you want my immediate opinion: it's rubbish. The titles in the trailer show that it's being marketed as your everyday mainstream thriller. Kinda like Déja-vu or Vantage Point. That brand of average thriller/vaguely sci-fi movie. Nothing particularly special. Which is rubbish, 'cause coming from Duncan Jones, this film needs to be amazing. It needs to be mindblowingly good. It needs to top Moon. But it won't. I can tell you that right now, right before I've seen the film or any proper trailers. I don't need to see the film. If they're marketing it like this, then it's going to be average. Good, of course, but nowhere near as good as Moon.

Hopefully the plot will be as twisty-turny as the trailer suggests, and seeing how Jake's dilemma is fixed may at least provide some suspense. It just like a movie which I've seen before. Not exactly that, of course, but all the different plot details and scenes and concepts I've seen before somewhere. Duncan Jones has just mashed them together into a meh film that'll do quite well but won't be remembered three years later. A film that lacks the indie experimentalism of Moon, and has a lot less character, but is not necessarily bad. Sigh.


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looks pretty lame