Thursday, 18 November 2010

Day 323, on which John does some more clock stuff [18.11.10]

Dag tre hundrede treogtyve. Well, today we were meant to do a presentation of our (mine and the rest of my group's) product to a star-studded panel of judges, including the headmaster and heat of ADT. Yeah, not so star-studded, but star-studded relative to the school, So how'd it go? It went- oh wait, we didn't do it! Nope. You heard right. After so much work and me getting all stressy and getting the measurements of the packaging pyramid shape wrong, then working non-stop through three periods and lunch, butterflies and all (which for some reason, I like), we got told to get out 'cause we're doing it tomorrow.

Dammit. Pretty much from when we were turned away to when I got home (a couple of hours), I was on a total high. Like when you take drugs (I wouldn't know but it's this general thing) then slowly get back to normal. I was all hyped up with my design and everything, so it took a while to shake all the inspiration from my system. Before it was all out, I'd had a bunch of new ideas, and I've managed to fulfill one of those tonight with the extra time we have been given. The rest will just have to go away, for I can only do so much in one evening.

Here's un petit screenshot of the thing I was up to tonight. Our clock design (the product we've chosen, my idea I'll have you know) is your basic clock shape but to differentiate it from every other clock out there (the modernist design is not enough sadly), I designed a kickass box. The box is a two-gradient pyramid, as you can see to the left here. I built it in real life, too, when it's dark shiny black, but for the purpose of this packaging information sheet everything's delightfully greyscale. The two-gradient pyrmaid fits the clock perfectly, for I designed the model of the packaging around the sizes of clock we'd decided on. You take off the safety seal sticker, take the tab out of the slots which you can see on the left here, and the top gradient pyramid will open with a hinge on one side. Inside is the clock plus two small leaflets which are the instructions and product information.

It's very much inspired by Apple packaging, because it's very tight around the product (barely any space for the leaflets, which is really annoying to design) and is basically a kit for the product you're buying, complete with little leaflets. There was also going to be a sticker set or some sort of poster or sheet of info about the other sizes of the clock, but I can't be bothered any more. This is more than enough. The biggest competitor group to mine hasn't even made any packaging, so I shouldn't go over the top. However, they have built a full scale working model of their product. Which we can't do, 'cause ours is a clock, complete with specially designed mechanisms. It's going to be a close call, that's for sure.

And even if we don't get through (winner in the school gets entered into the national competition), this stuff would be perfect for my portfolio, which is in need of updating.


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