Sunday, 14 November 2010

Day 319, on which John holds in his cynicism, just about [14.11.10]

Dag tre hundrede og nitten. Well, sorry about the missed post yesterday guys, but as you'll read later, I actually went somewhere this saturday. It's annoying to miss a post, especially this close to the end of this year, but in a way it makes me feel good that there's something happening in my life. That's one of the reasons why I'm not continuing next year. That and the fact that this 365 has wasted hours of my year so far and drains creativity from me when I didn't have enough to drain in the first place. Don't force creativity is the often-used rule, but if I'm writing once every night, it's often hard to find something to blag about.

Oh yeah, before we carry on, I'd like to link you to the photos of the Neo-Futuron diorama which I've been whining about for the past 8 months. It's finally finished. At long last. So here's a link, right here. Please go check it out and fave or comment or whatever. Appreciate it.

This thing was a total bitch to photograph, seriously
Yesterday evening I went out. Yeah - I know - it's pretty unusual for me, but it's good to do something different for once, haha. Since it was one of my friend's birthday, he invited me and some other dudes (yeah I say dude now that makes me cool) along to a concert. No, not one of those Mozart things that Radio 3 listeners attend in their posh frocks and spectacles. This was a proper, rock-music-concert.

OK, you're thinking "Shut up John, there's nothing to be dramatic about in a concert, you underexperienced twat". Yeah, maybe I am an underexperienced twat. And yes, it was the first concert I'd attended. But I don't try and make out I'm a big music fan. I like a bit of music here and there, and occasionally get a bit obsessed with some of it (Arcade Fire, of course), but in general I'm no hardcore music fan. I don't sit on my bed with my guitar twanging it all night long (no euphemism there, honest), wanting to be the next [famous guitar player's name here]. It's not a way of life to me. It's not like film. It's music. So I have a totally different opinion of it.

But hey, this friend invited me and, though wary at first, thought I may as well take it for the experience. Up at the O2, in the centre of London, listening to some music at a concert like a proper music fan guy. Oh yeah, it was some band called Paramore, for the record. Had I heard of them? Yes. Do I like their stuff? Hell no. Sure it was good when everyone was there raving and headbanging and doing whatnot, but if you actually stopped to listen and ask "what are they saying?" and "where's the tune?", then you're not going to like the answers.

Here's something you should know about me: I'm an objective jerk. Even when I'm trying to get into something, experience something like the thousands of other people in the O2 arena, I can't help being objective about everything. Like all the people going music-nuts, waving their hands and headbanging and jumping all over the place like some sort of goddamn pentecostal.

But it was great, the experience. I was preparing a whole shitload of cynical things to say on this blog all the way through the concert, and if it wasn't for my getting home late, I would've had time to blog and you would have heard my immediate reaction and all the cynical comments. Seriously, I was backchatting everything that Hayley Williams gal was saying. "This is the biggest gig we've ever played. Ever." She says. Ever.

Then the crazy music would end and the stage would go dark. I'd breathe a little and talk to myself and see how much less I could hear. Then the stage would go purple (with an amazing lighting rig, no doubt) and the band would play some guitar riff that sounds exactly like the start of every other song on their three albums, and the crowd would go apeshit. Literally, it was amazing to see everyone go crazier than they did for the lat song.

Maybe I should have researched Paramore a little beforehand. Heard a few of their songs. That would probably have helped. But ah well, B.o.B played beforehand as the supporting act and he was pretty good. Yeah, I liked him. Good stuff.

Also every girl in the room had dyed her hair red or pink. It was like a massive hair dye explosion around us. Clearly, they were all copying their hero, Hayley Williams. I think she was on the stage, but pretty much everyone else looked like her so I can't be sure. She seemed like someone who would've been left out at school or not in the mainstream click, but now she's found some courage and belonging in her style and the whole Paramore thang. Well, that's what I perceive at least. I'm probably wrong, but I had to think something when they were playing.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not usually a cynical git. I don't mean to be. I don't say this stuff out loud. I'm a nice guy, honest. I know pretty much everyone else would think of me as a tosser after this post, but that's just the way I am. And the thousands of other people in the O2 enjoyed it, so I'm not saying that no one should like it. It's just my objectivity that gets in the way. And I did enjoy some of the Paramore stuff. Great atmosphere.

/end cynicism.

Sorry for all that, guys. I just had to get it out.

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