Friday, 12 November 2010

Day 317, on which John returns to Brighton... IN HIS MIND [12.11.10]

Dag tre hundrede og sytten. Whoops, I accidentally misspelled 'dag' as 'fag', which as wel all know is an altogether different thing. So let's not make that mistake again, please. I may be a Danefag, but the word fag doesn't even occur in their language. What have I been up to, is what you want to know, and it also moves on the topic of conversation quite handily. Well, I was buttonmashing my way through Half-Life 2 up until about ten minutes ago, but the duties of having a relaxing evening called and I was dragged away from my newly required buggy. Jeez, if I don't get inspired to build by that, there's no hope.

Well, back to more photos that I haven't shown you. Today I'm taking a trip to Brighton... IN MY MIND!

A moody shot of some lighthouse as I looked out from Brighton beach. Nice and high-contrasty, and it's practically SOOC (straight out of camera). The only editing I did is making the photo more magenta because the assholes at Jessops scanned 'em in with a green tint (the inverse colour of the film, which is naturally magenta), and they're all grainy too. Silly people. Anywho, I like this shot. Woo.

A funny sign, also a bit of a short DoF experiment. I like the blurry Brighton seafront behind it, though with me being me and all, it's off-kilter. Stupid John. Dommel mig. Ah well, maybe next time I'll get it straight on. It's too off-kilter to straighten out without losing the resolution. Argh.

No idea why I took this shot or why I uploaded it or why it's here. There's just something about it. Maybe it's my shoes. Maybe it's just how frickin' cool they are. Jus' look at them. Mmmmmm, leather. But enough about my shoes, I guess. You don't want to hear about them. You want to hear about my trousers. Ahaha, I know you don't care about either.

And finally, a shot that isn't from Brighton but I still like it. A bunch of fairy lights in my garden, which were just made for bokeh (out of focus lights like you can see here). The background's a little busy, but I think I managed to capture the DoF well. I took about seven of these shots, but they didn't come out all that well. Either underexposed or with motion blur because of a long exposure speed. Ah well. You win some and you lose some. Clearly I lost quite a few in this roll.

Find all these photos on John Too as per usual.


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