Thursday, 11 November 2010

Day 316, on which Helvetica takes its revenge [11.11.10]

Dag tre hundrede og seksten. Well, it's remembrance day. I'd like to say I did something important in memory of all the soldiers who died for our 'great' country etc, but I didn't. To be honest, I forgot. Well, allow me this much: I had my parent's evening (slash parent-teacher interviews of whatever you Americans call it) just now so let's just say I have other things to worry about. And maybe I shouldn't worry and just be happy that no one said everything bad. But did Mr. Art-teacher say I was great at art? Nuh-uh. As is his wont, I was 'good at art' but nothing special. I hate that I never get the kind of praise from art as I do from DT (design). Maybe it's because I'm not expressive enough. Maybe it's because I'm Scandinavian.

Ah, the title of this post. I suppose I should explain. Well, here's the info: today I decided to totally ignore my photography GCSE and do some lino printing. Lino printing, folks, is when you cut a shape into a piece of lino (plasticky board thing) and then put ink on it and print. So, whilst making up some crazy excuse for how it relates to photography, I set up myself to print a lowercase Helvetica A on a piece of A5 lino. Because it would be interesting to see this smooth, crisp shape reduced to something rough and textured by cutting it by hand out of lino. But be warned: cutting the lino requires a lino cutting tool (duh) and I managed to slice it into my fingers not once but twice. Twice. Do you have any goddamn idea how much it hurts to slice it into your finger? Like a papercut but ten times worse. Plus it bled everywhere. Urgh. Even on my new bag.

But enough about me. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's such a dumbass lie.

Here's a previously non-uploaded photo from my latest roll. I just had to get this guy's permission to make sure I could upload his arm to the interwebs. Now I have it, here is his arm. With a buttload of wristbands etc. Only he can tell you exactly what they mean slash what they're for, but I can say for sure that they made this shot great. SOOC (straight out of camera), as well. No editing involved.

Plus a boring shot of my school. Nothing special here, but I quite liked the film-like look to this. The colours and tones could never occur like that naturally in a digital photo. So thank you very much, silver globules on the celluloid of my film, for reacting and forming and doing your thing to create these tones. SOOC, of course. But those goddamn fences! Get the hell out of my shot!

A couple more photos are up here on John Too.



Stickman said...

"As is his wont"? Pardon me, Lord Peter, why so supercilious?

John said...

"Supercilious"? Pardon me, Lord Timothy, why so supercilious?