Saturday, 6 November 2010

Day 311, on which John's ceases to avoid fireworks and just enjoys them for once [6.11.10]

Dag tre hundrede og elleve. It seems that, no matter how much I whined and blahed on about how I hated fireworks yesterday, I went to a fireworks display this evening and thoroughly enjoyed it. Contradiction much? Or is it just my constant scathing hatred of everything that disguises my actual love of having a good time with your friends whilst watching a fireworks display? One of the two. So yeah,  I met a bunch of my friends there and we watchd fireworks go 'kaboom' and 'phweeeeeeeeee' in the air, sometimes two at a time (Oh mah gawd, DOUBLE FIREWORK! Double firework all the waaaay!), sometimes none. The announcer guy kept counting down from ten, but nothing happened at the end. Well, maybe it did, behind us, but no-one looked behind them. For all we knew, there could've been a massive banner reading 'FUCK YOU ALL' behind us.

It wasn't actually that cold, which was good. But then again, it may well have been freezing, but I was wearing three pairs of socks (plus shoes, naturally) so I felt very little. My feet looked like the Michelin man, for God's sake, that's how many socks there were wrapped around them. So, cosily encased my my multitude of clothing and with no piano teacher in sight (sorry Tim, couldn't help it), I watched some fireworks being catapulted into the sky from Katy Perry's chest somewhere in the distance. They exploded and did the usual fireworkey things that fireworks tend to do. I did notice that there was a lot of smoke coming from the firing place, though. Either the people were having one massive cigarette or it was just smokey. But you can always tell who the firework launchers are because they cough a lot and get some sort of lung infection and subsequently die.

I always thought they launched the fireworks from artillery grids like you get on military helicopters. Apparently not. Either way, they don't launch them all individually as a guy runs round with a box of matches. Apparently, as my friend pointed out to me, they press an Enter button and that launches them. Beats me how that works, but Enter buttons can do a lot of stuff. I once pressed one and sent an email.

There was also a lot of mud and people and lightsabres, for some reason. And yes, I spell lightsabres like that. Screw you, Lucasfilm. English spellings for the linguawin. Yeah, people flailing ligthsabres round like Goddamn non-light sabres. And kids shouting 'fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks!' constantly. Oh no wait, that was my friends. Ahaha.

Well, that's all the exciting (sarcasm) news I have for you today, gents. Oh, one more thing: I bought the Arcade Fire 'The Suburbs' album, because I'm that obsessed. A great, great album. Only £7 for 16 very good songs. Now I have Rococo stuck in my head!


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