Friday, 5 November 2010

Day 310, on which John manages to avoid fireworks [5.11.10]

Dag tre hundrede og ti. Friday, mofos! That means I can sleep in tomorrow and relax myself to a relaxed state this evening. Which I did; I played Team Fortress II for the first time in ages (I don't play computer games much, remember) and I bought Half-Life 2 off Steam. I'm told it's a good game, but it looks quite bloody and 'vulgar', if you know what I mean. Exploding mutants et al. But hey, apparently it's good enough for the story and the graphics. Plus I get to use a gravity gun. It's not all bad.

Well, it's fireworks night here in the Kingdom of Unitedness. That's the UK to you and me. Which means everyone goes out somewhere and watches some exploding chemical things in the air or has the same experience, on a smaller scale, in their back gardens.

OK, my opinion on fireworks night differs from that of Hallowe'en. Fireworks night is a pretty good occasion. No one really cares what it stands for etc, but there certainly is some sort of history and meaning to it which people just don't give much of a damn. They give more of a damn about it than about Hallowe'en's history, which to many people is nonexistent.

But, in all honesty, fireworks night is about fireworks. About clasping your hands over your ears and shouting 'it's too loud!' and/or getting the shit scared out of you when a firework does that little boomy thing it does. I wasn't at a fireworks display of any type today, though. I'm not sure why, it just didn't work out. Apparently there was one in Blackheath, but I just wasn't in the mood for it. So I joined the legions of Steam-playing, piano-lesson-having peoples who did not see some fireworks tonight.

And to be honest, I don't really care. The masses out on Blackheath can take their exploding chemical things in the air and their God-awful catherine wheels. I mean, who was Catherine? And why the hell did she make such a whiney noise as to have catherine wheels named after her?

And I now leave you to Google her. Goodnight.


Stickman said...

Yes, John, I had a piano lesson, but also watched fireworks with my piano teacher. The Catherine in question is Catherine the Great of Russia - didn't set any of her wheels off, since last year it set fire to my fence.

Stickman said...

No-one cares what it stands for? NO-ONE CARES? Besides, the plot in question took place in England, 195 years before the Kingdom of Unitedness was formed.

Ok, enough pédantïcism for one e'en. :P

John said...

Tim, I'm glad you and your piano teacher had fun. You two should hang out more often :P

And pédantïcism is now in my dictionary. I scrawled it in for meeting my current English-word-with-accents chart-topper, naïveté.