Thursday, 4 November 2010

Day 309, on which John discovers Arcade Fire [4.11.10]

Dag tre hundrede og ni. Sorry about yesterday, guys, I don't quite know what happened to me. Just missed it. I've been on a blogging decline recently (I blew all my blogging inspiration on the Jacobsen Hallowe'en tale, haha), and I was really not in the mood either. So that's why I missed yesterday. But it's only one day, right? And besides, even if I miss these days, I'll still have blogged for the vast majority of the year. It was never the plan to blog every day no matter what.

OK, I have a few songs to show you today. I don't usually blah on about music, but I've got nothing better to do and these particular songs seem to be dominating my evenings of late. Let me introduce you to the band Arcade Fire, from Montreal, Canada. They've got three albums, yada yada yada.

Anywho, this is the sort of music that I'd categorise as 'the stuff they play on BBC Radio 6', because when I was doing work experience in the summer, they played Radio 6 non-stop and it was pretty much indy stuff like this. Also a lot of Manic Street Preachers, specifically 'It's not war, just the end of love' which they played every three minutes and twenty-eight seconds. Which, to prevent you from having to look it up on iTunes, is the length of the song.

This is probably the one song of theirs you'll recognise from somewhere, 'Wake up'. I won't act like I know a lot about music, because I don't (I dropped music last year), but I can tell you that I love this song and that it is on the Hoppípolla-level of awesome. It's going on my currently small list of 'very good music', which consists of Hoppípolla, Hurt and One (by Johnny Cash) and now this.

Next up, 'City with no children' from Arcade Fire's latest album, The Suburbs. Yeah, I sound like a real music-knowing dude. Listening to my Radio 6 music and telling you which album each of the songs are from. So this one is also very good, my fave from what I've heard of the third album. Melikey.

This one I don't like as much as the others, but I felt I needed to represent all three albums and this is from the second one, Neon Bible. The rest of the songs on Neon Bible are a bit grungy and depressing, but this one just about manages to be upbeat.

So there we are. John's musical tastes of the moment. And now he's referring to himself in 3rd person. Strange.


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