Thursday, 28 October 2010

Day 301, on which John visits a dismal remnant of Britain's past [28.10.10]

Dag tre hundrede og én. Wowzies, it's day 301. So that means it's like 101 but with 200 extra. I bet Dinsey are lucky they didn't make a film called 301 Dalmations, 'cause the animators would've been pissed at having to animate hundreds of goddamn puppies. I'd be pissed if I landed that job, I really would. I'd also be pissed that, after years of learning to be an animator, I get stuck with a crappy Disney movie. Seriously, what choices are there for you if you train to be a traditional animator? The Simpsons or Family Guy, then Disney. That's all there is.

ps. The JOHNSPACE Crap Filter has been updated, to cover all posts up 'til yesterday. Please use it if you want to find specific content, I don't want my work to go unnoticed.

So, I visited a dismal remnant of Britain's past. A town on the south coast of England named Brighton. Yeah, you've heard of it. The Brighton pier and all that. Well, I've been there before but only when I was very young. I gave into my other pastimes and visited the ton of brigh today with my family. Did the whole pier thing, the beach too, and 'the lanes', which I'll explain later.

Firstly, the pier. Wow, is that a state or what? This is what I mean by the 'dismal remnant' of Britain's past. Back from the 50s when Brits visited the English countryside for their summer holidays. Back when they'd take their beachtowels and relax on the freezing cold shingle beaches or visit the amusement arcades and the piers. This may be a good setting for a film set in the 60s, but nowadays it's awful. Or at least, I think so. If you like saccharine nostalgia, then Brighton's your place.

Another attribute of Brighton is that there's 'the lanes' which are a series of thin streets on which can be found a plethora of 'alternative' shops. ie., those showing colourful jewellery or 60s stone-washed dresses etm. I'll be honest here (if I haven't been honest enough already) - I hate alternative shops. With a passion. They are totally not my thing. I didn't see one in Copenhagen, not one. There's no Claire's in Copenhagen. You'll find no one wearing rainbow-coloured outfits and dyed hair in Copenhagen. It's such a British style, a British tradition, and as you all know I'm no big fan of British traditions.

These two British traditions - the freezing, pier-based British beach resort and the 'alternative' shop - are what make Brighton a symbol of whatever it is. And I got a few good photos out of it, so maybe it's not all bad.


ps. Barbra Streisand.

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