Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Day 299, on which John shows off his ninth roll of film [26.10.10]

Dag to hundrede nioghalvfems. Woah, I've just realised that we're on day 299! Oh em actual gee. One more day to go until the fabled 300th day of the year. From then on, it's 65 more fun-filled days until we get to the end of the year. Contrary to what I said at day 200, I think I'm going to go for gold and blog through until day 365. Woop, good luck to me and all that.

Woah, wait up boy, before we check out some of my latest photos I've got something to advertise. If you haven't already seen this, the site dontevenreply.com is absoultely hilarious. The home of 'Emails from an asshole', the proprietor finds ads on the US Swapshop-cum-website Craigslist and torments the people who posted them. Hilarity ensues. This one in particular is brilliant.

Moving on, I have yet another bunch of photos to show off. No, I don't care if you don't want to see or read about them, just skim-read this post and move on. To be honest, it would've been worse if I didn't have anything to talk about.

Skylines I © me
Harking back from my Intersections set, this new venture into a project called Skylines utilises natural lines in a very different way. Forget markings on tennis courts, this is all about electricity cables. And, when I expand the set a bit, aeroplanes and birds too. It'll be all about finding compositions in the sky. For now, you just have this simple shot with some cables. Taken at half seven in the morning on the way to school; my hand was frozen as hell - I only had one glove. 'Cause I couldn't find the other one. It was my shutter hand as well. Guh.

Untitled © me
This next shot is from my school (when I got there and had unfrozen my hand), it's the spiral staircase which I'm pretty sure has featured in a photo of mine before - this one for sure. It's just such a unique feature to the building. And they said I wouldn't be able to find any more good photos when I went out to photograph stuff for a second time. Pah.

Untitled © me
This next shot was taken as soon as my hand had defrosted when I got into school. In the early hours of the morning as my class stumbles into school half-consciously, light streams in through the windows of our form room and casts a brilliant golden haze over everything. Well, I like it. This really doesn't show it off very well - I have some other photos, but this is all for now. It's hard to really show the light if the classroom's full of students and French posters on the walls. Maybe I might find a good shot one day.

Untitled © me
No, don't adjust your screens gentlemen, you have not seen this before. It is the same angle as this photo, but the lighting's different because it's at a different time of day and I did something different with the exposure and focus, I think. Either way, I prefer this one. The shape of the stairwell just glitters in the light. Though I've heard it's not good for you if you look at the sun through a camera. My eyesight's screwed up enough as it is, haha.

Maybe more tomorrow. Probably not. Woot 300! I can't wait! Squeeeeeeeeeeee!

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