Sunday, 24 October 2010

Day 297, on which John makes another house [24.10.10]

Dag to hundrede syvoghalvfems. Yeesh, I have party-host hangover. I had it last weekend as well, admittedly, even though I wasn't the host for that one, but it's even worse when you're the host cause you have to clear everything up. Nonetheless, I've amassed £130 in present money (I want that BrickLink order so much), so it's not all doom and gloom.

My Panton chair made its premiere appearance in my living room last night, and had a good reception too! My friends were walking past the door, spotted it and said "Hey, what's that? It's awesome?" Conversation about it and/or conducted whilst sitting in it was prominent throughout the night, so it went down really well. It's amazing how you can just plonk it there and let people talk about and interact with it.

Also, I managed to curb the trend of all parties, ever, and keep people out of the kitchen. My parents kept saying "you can't keep people out of the kitchen, all parties happen in the kitchen" but I demanded "No!", 'cause kitchens are so utlitarian and functional, not to mention uncomfortable and not intended for social situations (yes, that's right, I'm applying interior design and ethics to how to hold a party). So I managed to manufacture the layout and keep everyone in more comfortable rooms. And all was good. And my Panton chair was enjoyed.

A hiker in Kongsholmparken enjoys a coffe and pølse (sausage) in my Kongsholmparken Café

Now, to try and make some use of my current bad mood and extreme tiredness, I figured I'd show you a sneak preview of my latest venture into Lego architecture. The follow-up to the Ishøj House, this house is set out very similarly, but unlike what I said yesterday, I've totally given up on making it a different style to the Ishøj House. The architecture itself is different, but the layout and a lot of the details are similar. So I said "screw it," and I've included a few specific details from the Ishøj House to keep a link there. Also, I've decided to put this house in Kongsholmparken, which is a small park a bit north of Ishøj, in Denmark of course. The house is in fact a café placed in the middle of the park, in the woods. Stay tuned for full pics tomorrow...


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