Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Day 292, on which it's John's birthday!! [19.10.10]

Dag to hundrede tooghalvfems. Big woop, it's my birthday! So let's all celebrate etc, cause I'm officially 16 years old! Apparently I can now play the lottery (and therefore constantly lose the lottery ahahahaha it's not like anyone ever wins), choose my own doctor (always handy) and have legal sex with my nonexistent girlfriend. I love the way people always say "I can have sex now!" like every time they tried before they were 16, they physically couldn't do it. Ahaha. I can also (just checked Facebook for my buttload of wall posts wishing me a happy birthday) get a moped license. Which is kinda silly, 'cause I can do exactly the same thing if I run around saying 'Brrrrrrrrrhhhhm, brrrrrrhhhhhm,' and moving my hands like they're on an accelerator of a moped; without a license. I could do that since I was six. So there.

Anyway, I had a pretty good day today. Better than last year fo' sho', 'cause last year was a bit of a sad birthday. Not sure on exactly why, just a build-up of things. But this year I'm happy to say I've tried to have the best day I could. No homework, which helped the evening. Lots of people shouting 'happy birthday' to me at school (I'm an attention whore get over it), so it was a really great. Woot.

In terms of presents, apart from some money, my main present was that of a classic, red, Panton chair. It arrived a few days ago - quite obviously, much to the dismay of my parents who wanted to keep it as a surprise though I'd asked for it - from Mr. John Lewis and now I have it all to my own. Om nom nom, red curves. It looks a little fat from front-on, admittedly, but if you get it from side-on or from behind, it'll knock you out with its looks. It's quite comfortable too, but that's a minor aspect of the design (bear in mind my previous favourite design was Gerrit Rietveld's Red & Blue Chair). I took a few photos of it, just to get my first impressions, and they'll start appearing on John Too in the next few days. It certainly isn't the last you'll see of the Panton chair - it's so photogenic, it's worth a million photos. And I'll have to try my own version of the famous Panton chair fashion shoot. Expect less feminine poses from me, though, haha.

Oh the curves. Oh the Danishness.
Obligatory rear shot.
So, sixteen. I guess I should say something about this being a new chapter in my life. Actually, I'm a bit disappointed. Disappointed I can't say "I'm only 15" when I show someone my MOCs, photographs, or designs. Moot founded 4Chan when he was 15, so I've missed that point. I don't want to work through school then try at success when I get out. I want to get success now, 'cause then I have a bigger headstart for later on. Start early, have more time to get better. The more time you have to get better, the more you get better. But oh no, I'm sixteen and I'm still a normal guy. Which is nice, in a way, but I wanted a big break sometime. Yes, I'm a fame whore. Did I mention that? I'm not some sort of obsessive, clawing at any chance of showing myself off, but I'd like to do something big, that gets recognised. Ah well, that'll be for another day.

Now let's step out of the box. Out of the normality of everyday life. Exactly what am I celebrating here? The fact that sixteen of our human-defined time periods have passed since I, like seven billion other people on this Earth, was brought into the world. It's a pretty silly celebration, really. By saying "happy birthday", people could just as well be saying "you're a bit more developed in your individual human timeline which gradually leads up to your death". Haha, that was a bit of a morbid twist.

So yay, roughly 74 years until it's my stop and it's time to get off the Routemaster bus of life. Only there's nothing at the bus stop. And it's not a request stop, either. So 74 years to prove myself and try and make my life worth something.

On a lighter note, this birthday has been awesome. Expect more Panton chair pics, it's lovely! The day has to end now. Adieu!



Karrde said...

You can now smoke, but not buy cigarettes, legally too.

John said...

Hah, awkward. "Jim! Are you *smoking*!?" "Yeah, but I didn't buy them so it's all A-OK!" :P