Sunday, 17 October 2010

Day 290, on which John gets free money, f'yeah! [17.10.10]

Dag to hundrede og halvfems. As you may or may not recall, it's my birthday next tuesday so today I got the first of my prezzies, which came in the form of a load of money from my grandparents, plus a cute little Lego minifig torch which I will be using in a future MOC. Sadly the money must be moved off of me, because it's going towards my big present of a Panton chair! YIPPEE! A red, brand new, as-ever beautiful Panton chair, designed by the Dane Verner Panton. All for my own. On tuesday, that is. Until then I sshall have to wait in anticipation.

But enough birthday crap. We'd better get onto the body of this post. I'd like to continue with my play idea.

So far we have a middle-class man as a protagonist, probably around 4 other characters so the viewer doesn't get confused, and two or three sets. I was thinking that, since we're going to have a rotating set with two sides, I may be able to incorporate a third set. In the interval, one of the halves of the set could be taken off and replaced with another set, so that there's still one scene (for example, the protagonist's apartment) but the other scene changes from one half to the next. Like, a modular scene of sorts.

Oh boy am I going to have fun with the cliffhanger at the end of the first half. Give 'em something to chat about in the interval. That's something I'm quite interested in experimenting with; the fact that all the viewers can go get a drink and chat about the first half of the play in the interval. How can I manipulate that? They may overthink some parts of the plot, which I can blow out of the water at the start of the second half. Maybe the protagonist is about to kill himself at the end of the first half. Then what? The audience will be confused in the interval, trying to think of the ways the script can pick up the story again, and reach some sort of ending if the main character is dead. But is he dead?

But I'm really tapdancing around the main thing here: the plot. What do I want to say with this play? I'm pretty decided on this, too. Since I'll have 2/3 sets and 5 characters, it's going to have to be a concept study. A character study, perhaps. One thing that has been in my mind recently (mostly because of teenage angst) is where humans are in the universe, and how life is too short to do anything. Perhaps the play could be about an everyday man coming to terms with his place in the universe, going through some seriously huge emotional changes and trying to accept that he can't do everything he wants to do, and that his body's just a ticking clock until he's no longer there. He'll try to do things, go out places, break out of his life. Realise that all the things he's doing for the first time he won't be able to do for the first time ever again. Do everything, do it now, or you'll never be able to do it again. Pension plans are for settling you into the twilight years of your life... but you only have one life! Why should you spend the end of your life doing nothing!? We can't waste our valuable years!

So yeah, I get slight lapses of sanity which result in that sort of reasoning. So, there's this ordinary guy, and something, a big event of some sort, jolts his normal reasoning and he starts to realise just how short and pointless life is. One big, freakin' emotional journey and coming-to-terms-with-life experience later, he's kinda OK with it all. The audience clap, leave, and go do something decent with their lives. That's my mission.

This is a pretty big undertaking, right?


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