Thursday, 14 October 2010

Day 287, on which John herd you liek mudkips [14.10.10]

Dag to hundrede syvogfirs. So I herd you liek mudkips... at which, no matter what, you must reply "I lurve mudkips!" then run off and rape a cuddly toy of a mudkips Pokémon. Why? Because it's a meme, and you must respect the rules of the internet. And because it's funny. But enough tiddle-taddle in internet memes, I have a TV show to review today. Cause it's review season, remember?

So I always used to watch this programme on BBC1 called 'Film 2010'. It was awesome, it was the BBC's premier film review programme. And it was presented by Jonathan Ross, who by the way I think is awesome. Ross clearly knew a lot about film, so he was ideal for the job. His insights were always interesting and almost always correct (apart from his one vice, which was for comic book movies).

Unfortunately, at the start of the year some asshole at BBC Radio decided to keep something appropriate in Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand's radio show. Sure, I'm not saying what they did wasn't wrong, but it was made much worse by the fact it was broadcast, when in fact someone in the show's editing suite could have easily edited it out. It wasn't live. So it was partially the editor's fault. Anywho, JoRo is out of the BBC and so he did a little montage at the end of the last series of Film 2010, which had been running for about a decade (called Film 2000, Film 2001, etc). Very sad stuff.

Now they've reinvented it for the new season and it's got Claudia Winkleman, of Strictly Come Dancing fame, as the main presenter. Basically she makes some crappy jokes, presents it well enough, and leaves all the actual reviewing to some other guy who isn't such a good presenter and I think his name is Clive. They make an unusual and generally unsuccessful pair, and I guess someone at the Beeb realised that because they chucked in three other useless presenters to make it even worse.

These consist of a reviewer for Empire magazine, who sure knows his stuff but asks useless questions in interviews and his sections are really corny. In fact, the whole show is corny. Then there's some lady who's there to cover all the old films (ie. everything made before 2009), and she's not bad. And then, bringing up the rear of the sorry state of a presenting crew the BBC has brought in for this show, there's a young blogger. He's not bad; I guess he's just like me in that he is a blogger and into films, but in his top 5 countdown of best scenes with the moon (which is a stupid idea in itself) he didn't include the flying bicycle scene from E.T. or anything from Moon, which is just dumb. And, when Claudia (looking particularly orange in this episode) read out a tweet saying just that (it's live for some stupid reason) and her and Clive just looked at each other, said 'ah' then nothing. No 'well, that's good but...' nor any 'we'll remember that last time'. Stupid programmers.

And, since it's live, it gets dull and there are often moments on unrest when people don't know what to say etc. Plus, a live interview with some film stars (including Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley, oh yes please) went awfully because they couldn't edit it. The stars just kept laughing at each other. Total nightmare to watch.

So basically I want Jonathan Ross back. No offense, Claudia.


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