Monday, 11 October 2010

Day 284, on which John WHAARGARBLE [11.10.10]

Dag to hundrede fierogfirs. You can tell I'm in a silly mood tonight, I'm just kinda nuts. Send a totally nonsensical Flickrmail to a guy I know on Flickr. Well, I don't know him all that well. I'll probably know even less now I sent him a stupid FM. But ah well, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing and whatevs.

OK, here's a post about Maersk. Because I have a sudden craving for Maersk, and when you have a sudden craving for Maersk, you've got to satisfy it (/loose Llamas with Hats reference). Anyway, the deal is that Maersk 'microspace' creations have been slowly building up on Flickr, most notably this little affair from Peter Reid (who I met at STEAM and who is a very nice guy):

Note the laffs induced by changing the Maersk sticker to "Maersk Spaceland" from "Maersk Sealand", which is the name that is given to all of Maersk's container ship dealings. Bear in mind I know all this because my dad is a shipbroker, which means he works in arranging cargos and ships etm. That's how I originally found Maersk, realised it was Danish, then Danegasmed (technical term) and have been obsessed with it ever since.

Funnily enough, a strange coincidence means that Cronas 13 actually has a link to Maersk. Not ripped off of Peter Reid, honest - I wrote it a year back when I first started the story. The company which René and his crew works for is Maersk Intragalactic, a futuristic version of the current Maersk group. And there will hopefully be a short informational video from Maersk which will act as a prologue to the Cronas 13 story, Moon-esque. Should be good, if I get around to doing it.

The Maersk logo is fitting for a futuristic corporation, since it's just got one word and you can easily take out the logogram and paste it all over. Simplicity is the key here: light blue squircle (square with rounded edges) with a white seven-point star in the centre. Looks friendly, but with a bit of work you could turn that logo around into the menacing face of a galactic corporation.

Maersk fun facts:

  • The seven-point star is some sort of Scandinavian symbol of the sea, no doubt from Norse mythology. I saw a concept for a dock in the shape of a seven-point star by BIG once, they mentioned something about its significance.
  • People complain to me that Denmark is meaningless because there are so few people there - 5 million to be exact. Less than the population of south London, where I live. The truth is, there are loads of Danes really, they're just all out across the world working on Maersk ships. There's even a bunch of Maersk ship-born babies. They're all called Maersk (a proper Danish name, I'll have you know). In fact, they're either called Maersk Jensen or Maersk Andersen.
  • My dad said that if I sent an email to Maersk asking for some Maersk merchandise, they'd send me some. Like, a Maersk T-shirt. You have no idea how much I crave one of those - it would be so cool. Like, the height of cool. I'd prefer one without the text, just the logogram. And I'd love it like it were my own. GIMME ONE, MAERSK!
And with one final Maersk, the post doth endeth.


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