Sunday, 10 October 2010

Day 283, on which John blahs on about Cronas 13 again [10.10.10]

Dag to hundrede treogfirs. I feel like crap today. Which is annoying, considering that it's the 10/10/10. Woot. The numbers in our stupid human dating system are the same in this cycle of human-defined time. Big woop. Whilst I'm sure it's enjoyably gimmicky, it's pretty meaningless otherwise. So yay. And it's nine days until my birthday - which means nine days until I get a Panton chair! Proper, non-sarcastic woop this time!

Would you beieve it, I've just found some photos I labelled 'Cronas 13 prelim' taken on the 17th October 2009! And I presumably started writing it a few weeks before that, so Cronas 13 has now been in progress for more than a year. Wow. The photos in that folder are just silly vignettes and minifigs, just tablescraps and doodles.

So, one year later, I am proud to present to you the first look at the Cronas 13 series. Sure, there's no Lego, and sure, it's not my background photo (thanks NASA!), but I was in the mood and it's good to get something up. Proof that I am making progress on the story (I wrote 10 parts today, which at the moment takes a long time, 'cause I need to relate back to previous parts and make sure all the characters act like themselves), and that one day before the end of this year it will be finished. It's in its final act now. Well, penultimate act. Final third.

Also, I picked the font for the Cronas 13. And surprisingly, it isn't Helvetica - it's a font I found on the internet called 'Hit the road'. It's pretty good, and it has exactly the right capital R I wanted, very modern grotesque sans-serif, but the kerning is absolutely shit. Look at that gap between the A and S - way too big. And the kerning between the numbers is rubbish, too. I had to change it myself on the 13.

So, without further ado and to give myself something to write in this post, here's a rough timeline of events:

  • End of 2010: The story is finally finished, probably about a hundred parts long. That number will hopefully fall as I combine some of the titchy early parts.
  • Early 2011: I give the story out to my friends and family and it gets edited. Refined, reduced, the excess crap clipped off. Like having a tummy tuck, only with a story. Here is where parts will be combined or scenes and characters cut out if they're not needed. This is when I just need to shut up and accept the criticism.
  • Spring 2011: Another poster or whatever is released. Now I know the story is spot-on, I can make a website or whatever.
  • Spring 2011: I start building. A long and strenuous process, which will need lots of BrickLink orders, some sand and a smoke machine. I'll hopefully get some guest-designed elements in the story, too.
  • Summer 2011: The prologue to the story is released. This takes the form of a short video, half pre-story, half trailer.
  • One month after that: The story gets going! Released probably every few days on my Flickr, with more info and behind the scenes stuff on the Cronas 13 site. Much excitement.
  • Several months later: it all ends. I finally get a rest.
Woot. If all goes to plan, that's how it will go. Fingers crossed.


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