Thursday, 7 October 2010

Day 280, on which John finishes off the photography topic neatly [7.10.10]

Dag to hundrede og firs. Wow, day 280. That's some feat of blogging. But nevermind; we've got another 85 posts to go. It's really not much when you think about it like that, but it's still 85 evenings of effort. And I'd like to not miss any others until the end; missing two last week was pretty wimpy of me. I regret that now. Ah well.

Woot, today I got the photos back from my eighth roll of film, courtesy of Jessops, who I now use instead of SnappSnaps because SnappySnaps should be renamed CrappySnaps, or even We'll-Mess-Up-Your-Negatives-Snaps. Jessops do a nice little folder and case for your CD, as well, which is kinda cute and very useful.

So here's a bunch of photos from the eighth roll. These aren't all the good ones, but I don't want to upload them all to Flickr in one go. Remember, you can see 'em all on my second Flickr account, John Too. All of these are SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera), which is another way of saying "No Photoshop, bro, so I'm obviously much better than you".

I like this one; it's proof that if you're a good photographer, film can really work for you. Even annoying ISO200 film, which means the shutter speed is slower. And everybody likes a bit of short DoF; laaaarvely. This is a basketball net in my school's grounds. My school isn't as decrepit as this photo shows the basketball net to be, that's just for this photo. Haha.

This one's a bit meh, and my dad keeps going on about 'taking it on a day when there's a blue sky', but though I agree it's a little dull I must disagree with my dad. Since when was a photo good only if it had a blue sky? Good weather does not mean good photos. More often than not, good weather can mean clichéd, boring photos. A blue sky on this photo would totally change the mood, and I quite like it looking sad and not bright and happy, which is what a blue sky would do.

A staircase leading up to the second floor of my school. Looks pretty manky, but in fact the school is very well maintained and it only looks aged because it was originally built in the 1960s. I love that my school is not like any other boring 1970s architecture schools that the government plonked around the country. It's got a bit more style, and some neat features (these last two pictures particularly). A great environment to learn in.

Intersections I
The idea with this shoot was to take photos in the style of Daniel Freytag, because I'm studying him for my art GCSE. In this trio of photos, Intersections I, II and III, I tried out my Freytag side. Freytag's photos are all about finding the interesting amidst the uninteresting, and when I was wandering round my school's tennis courts I noticed some interesting patterns with the ground markings. With some composition and the mixture of colours along with the texture of the concrete ground, it made for some good photos. Quite Freytag-ish as well, because there's a lot of framing involved.

Intersections II
(Intersections II) I would have preferred to avoid using perspective in this series, but I can only get so far off the ground and it really worked for this shot.

Intersections III
And finally, my fave of the Intersections series, Intersections III. The little yellow paint splodge in the top-left makes this photo complete for me. The colour is a little different to the other two, but I want to keep all three SOOC so that means no colour correction.

And that concludes the Intersections set and the rest of the good stuff from roll 8. Good stuff this time, it's reinstated my trust in film after that crappy roll I took in London.

The challenge for the next 20 days is about reviews. More movie reviews, or game reviews, or anything. Get your opinion out!


ps. I'm back to listening to ANR. Hoppípolla got boring at last (20 plays later).

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Matn said...

More movie reviews, I just like reading them and comparing them with how I think of the films.

I recorded Adams Æbler a few days ago, I'm going to watch it this weekend. My first Danish film, perhaps you've heard of it. (: