Sunday, 3 October 2010

Day 276, on which John recollects STEAM [3.10.10]

Dag to hundrede seksoghalvfjerds. If you don't mind me swearing, I'd like to start this post by saying 'fuck, I missed the monthly letter on Friday!' I really didn't mean to, honest, but I was up late into the night preparing my stuff for STEAM on Saturday and the blog completely skipped my mind. As for yesterday? Well, I got home at 9:00, tired after several hours on the train from Southampton (don't ask) and I'm sure you wouldn't be in the mood for blogging either. So there.

Before we get onto the monthly letter (just two days late, so no biggie, right?), I thought I might recollect some of my memories of STEAM (The Great Western Lego show) yesterday in Swindon...

Everyone knows 'Tac' (Luke) as the guy who builds totally dark grey mecha and robots. So, when I heard he was going to be displaying alongside my stuff, I decided to change that and brought along a bag full of awesomely coloured tiles. After a bit of fiddly work on one of his mechs, my adaptions resulted in this. I think it's much better than just plain grey. Viva la colour!

Also, my bag is in the background there. It's the first time I've used it, and I totally lurve it now! So useful! None of those crappy backpacks for me now!

Tac got his own back, though, and stuck a Toy Story alien minifig in the middle of my Ishøj House. He's creeping up behind Björn the Dirty Swede, to do dirty alien-Swede things. You don't want to know the details. The ironic thing is that it attracted a lot more attention to my house because people were saying 'look, an alien!'. I also posed some of Tac's mecha on top of my house to draw some more attention to it. Harry was right; people just thought 'great robots! And I guess the stand is good too.', boo hoo. Admittedly, when placed between one of Tim Goddard's Star Wars dioramas, Tac's mecha and Jake's spaceships, there isn't really much appeal in a dark grey house. Ah well.

OK, now quickly on to this month's letter. As always, I write a letter to myself in the past and in the future. Last month's letter is here. Let's get this over and done with.

Dear moi,
O hai there! September John, how innocent you were. 'School won't be bad!' is what you said. Well, here I am, October John, and here's your wakeup call. School sucks. It's tough, it's relentless and it seems like it will never end. Neither will my English essay, for that matter. Yeesh.

Am I sat in my usual position? Yeah, I am actually. I'll have to sit in a really odd position next month just to break this dull consistency. Perhaps upside down? With my eyes closed? Sitting on a beanbag and juggling oranges? You'll have to find out on November 1st! ANR sadly isn't playing, instead Hoppípolla is. Very loudly. Off iTunes. That's the best way to listen to it.

Onto my answers from last month's questions. How's Year 11? Tough. How's life? Not bad, after STEAM yesterday, I'm on a slight high. No doubt it'll drop soon, but we'll see. I've also been getting some interesting Formspring questions, which have cheered me up. At least it's not 'you walk like a fucking duck' again! As for the Neo Futuron scene, I'm hoping to get the 2x2 tiles in a BrickLink order after my birthday, then it'll finally be finished. FINALLY! JOHN Collection III has been coming along pretty well actually, I'm making good progress and I've mapped out all the details and departments in it. 18 pages long, this one is. People's comments at STEAM really inspired me to finish it off, too. Woot. As for my birthday, well, we'll see about that.

OK, quickly onto my questions for the start of November. How is/was half term? Your one break until Christmas? Also, you know you can probably do that June thing again. I know I keep going on about it, but it's looking more probable than ever now. Do it, man! Also, how's your progress with JCiii? And you'd better have that Neo-Futuron thing done, this BL order is the last excuse. If it's not done by the start of November, then just give up. It's not worth it. Also, how's all that play-in-January thing going, if it's going at all? Write that script! Finish the Brickspace pages! Don't miss a post two days in a row! And for god's sake man, get some new earphones!


Sleepietiemz now.

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Yay for random aliens! :-D