Thursday, 30 September 2010

Day 273, on which John reviews the #newtwitter [30.9.10]

Dag to hundrede treoghalvfjerds. That's right, because of the day (after the day) I got the new Twitter site design, I'm devoting a whole post to Twitter and will be using annoying #hashtags throughout. Twitter Thursday I call this. It doesn't really allirate but, uh, well, never mind. Too much brainpower usage after some English homework has left me mindnumb. Blurgh.

Here's what my Twitter profile looks like in the #newtwitter style. Pretty slick, you may think, and I agree. Maybe it's just the cool colour scheme I chose for my profile. Maybe it's the actual site design. Who knows?

Firstly, I like the larger profile pic. So many profile pics are too complex for a thumbnail size and just get disregarded as 'something'. With a larger size, viewers can actually see what your profile pic is. I also like the simpler site design, with the large sidebar which you can preview Yfrog and Twitpic photos in as well as quickly see hashtags and @tweets attached to a tweet. That's good.

However, the enlarged sidebar looks strange to me. I'm used to reading blogs, with a larger left bar than right, and this Twitter layout looks a bit odd to me. Tweets on the left are meant to be read first, so shift that other bar over and make way for the tweets! That's just my blogger opinion, though.

One thing I dislike about the #newtwitter is the new design. Yes, a scrolling top bar is useful and yes, the background has been pushed away and it's simpler, less is more, yada yada yada. But Twitter seems to have lost its quirkiness, the cartoon bird is gone and so are the clouds in the background. I doubt the Tweet whale will be back, either. It seems Twitter has become more cold and utilitarian, like Flickr did with its update a while back. Twitter seems more like a full-blown software-within-a-browser rather than the quirky little one-use app it used to be. It's more serious, more bulky now. And I don't like that professionalism. I want Twitter to go back to the days when it was fun, light, and a little site. Things have got too serious for my liking.

But I use the Tweetie app for Mac OS X so I don't have to bear with the Twitter site. Woo.


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