Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Day 271, on which John talks STEAM [28.9.10]

Dag to hundrede énoghalvfjerds. Tuesdays aren't good either. And there you go, that's all the time you're going to get from me in terms of moaning about what day of the week it is. Homework is slowly creeping in (on the western front, yes, and all other fronts), but I've managed to hold it off yet and only got a bit. It'll pile up later on this week I'm sure. Yeesh.

OK, the big news of this week is that it is STEAM this saturday! STEAM is my abbreviation for the Brickish event at the STEAM Museum of the Great Western Railway. Which is the only proper LEGO event in the UK all year, so I've been waiting for this ever since I left it last year. To remind you of what it looked like (if you went or not), here's my photo from last year:

It's happening this weekend, the 2nd and 3rd of October, at the STEAM Museum in Swindon (somewhere amongst the roundabouts). I'm going to go on Saturday, and no - I'm not 'too excited' about this, it's my one chance for contact with other Lego fans away from the internet all year. One chance. And I'm not going to miss it for anything.

I'm actually displaying this year (my second year), which is really great. Whilst I can't be a member of Brickish because then moved the entrance age up just when I was about to reach it, I can display my stuff at a Brickish member's table. In this case, it's Jake, who is also hosting Tac's dark bley mechs. So, if anyone asks, it's Jake's creations, ok? Brickish will no doubt hate us for it, but it's their fault for moving the entrance age up. And it's Jake's space to deal with, so what's wrong with giving some of it to us? Silly Brickish.

So, I'll be displaying three things at STEAM on Saturday:

Firstly, I have to show off my Ishøj House to the world. It looks much better in person than any photo will justify, so you have to go see it. No amendments to the design, I'll admit, but it's still awesome. And I can take the roof off and show you the insides, too. Should be great.

Then there's the JOHN Collection II catalogue, printed out on shiny paper and all, because it deserves that. It'll be held together by a string loop, to make it look makeshift and easier to turn the pages, like a book at a museum exhibit. I'd love to bring along a fully lit JOHN Collection scene, but that takes a heck of preparation and I just don't have the time now.

And finally, rounding off the three and being, sadly, the second non-Lego exhibit, I will be bringing a small booklet of never-seen-before JOHN Collection III furniture! It's top-secret and the folks at STEAM are getting a special sneak preview, 'cause I love you guys. There's seven pieces in the booklet, some of them are the best in the Collection so far, so I encourage you to flick through that... but don't tell anyone about the designs! They will be officially released at Christmas!

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