Monday, 27 September 2010

Day 270, on which John says 'hæ Ísland'! [27.9.10]

Dag to hundrede og halvfjerds. Yeesh, monday has hit me hard. And no, it's nothing to do with me staying up last night watching Juno last night. That was totally okay. Nothing up with that. Though I admit I had some odd, odd dreams last night... ah, let's try and forget them. My imagination does strange things when left unattended. Like loose baggage at an airport, only it does a lot worse than just going missing. Oh boy, a lot worse.

In other news, Juno was just as good a movie the second time as the first. It didn't lose anything, thought I found myself preempting some of the lines 'cause I know them well. Like, the 'it probably looks like a sea monkey at the moment. We should probably leave it for a while, let it get a little cuter' line and the majority of the scene in the shop at the beginning ('that's no etch-a-sketch, fertile myrtle - that's one doodle that can't be un-did' - great line). But I had forgotten the last scene, so it was a great surprise to see Michael Cera and Ellen Paige singing together on their guitars and the camera pans out... and then to black. Beautiful ending. So sweet, d'aww.

Anywho, Iceland. I've been looking at a lot of photography recently, both for my art GCSE and for this blog (the two are no coincidental, there's reason), and what I've realised is that photographers take photographs in sets. I've kinda done this before, with my trips to London, Denmark and Portugal, but I want to make a set that isn't based in one specific place; rather it's about finding a certain mood.

And thus, I was inspired by the Iceland duo of inspiration: Sigur Rós' song 'Hoppípolli' and the Icelandic photographer Pétur Thomsen. I reviewed his stuff a while back. For example, this photo is from his set 'Umhverfing III':

© Pétur Thomsen 2010

So I thought I'd create something similar to Thomsen's 'il y a' set, or perhaps even his three 'Umhverfing' sets, which are about the interaction between man and the environment. Perhaps a finding Icelandic traits wherever I go. Now, don't despair (or otherwise), I still love Denmark, but Icleand has a certain mood (or at least, Thomsen's projected mood) that I'd like to capture. Plus, this will help in my art GCSE, so it's a double-hit.

More info on this project as it progresses. The little blog (basically a direct copy of JOHNSPACE Photos, but in white) for the project, titled 'ísland', is here. The photo isn't in the set; just an example of what it will look like.

I welcome tuesday with open arms. Why isn't it here already?

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