Sunday, 26 September 2010

Day 269, on which John has a Sys Bjerre evening [26.9.10]

Dag to hundrede niogtres. By 'Sys Bjerre evening', it means I just listen to Sys Bjerre songs non-stop. All evening. Well, actually, until 9 when Juno is on Channel 4, so I'm going to unplug Sys Bjerre and go watch that again. I strongly suggest you guys watch it, too. It's a great film, very slick screenplay.

As for Sys Bjerre, if you want to know what I've been listening to, here's a handy list of the silly Danish songs currently on my playlist from Ms. Bjerre:

  • Alle Min Veninder, which everyone in Denmark hates for some reason. I like it because I can't understand it, heh heh.
  • Pik, whose title translates into something quite rude, but if you ignore that it's quite a nice upbeat number. And some photos of Sys cycling through on the video, too, if you like that sort of thing.
  • Kegle, which has a HILARIOUS music video where Sys is bowling. Not intentionally hilarious, I'll admit, but the bad editing and even worse acting just make it a 'watch-for-the-lulz' video. Song's not bad either.
Now, because I can't think of much else to say tonight, I thought I might sum up my annoyances from today. It may be funny (note may), and will at least give this post a certain purpose and body. Whilst sounding like a grumpy old man. So here goes.
  1. Denmark thinks no one buys there music outside their country. And, whilst this may be for the most part true, I buy their music! Well, not all of it. Some of it. Some bits. Hej Matematik, mainly. Rasmus Seebach. Sys Bjerre. So, did they consider releasing Bjerre's new album in the UK iTunes store? Is that too much to ask? Just put it up there, if no one buys the songs, no loss, right? Well, Denmark doesn't think so because I can't find head nor tail of her new album. Perhaps it isn't released yet...
  2. 'My spoon is too big'. Uh, not really, but that's a quote from Regected Cartoons by Don Hertzfeld, which I encourage you to watch on YouTube. It's very funny. OK, back on topic, my bag is too small. I bought a new school bag recently and it's too small. Even for my camera. Goddamnit Jenkins!
  3. Sunday is unfortunate. Unfortunate why? Because it happens to be the day before monday. It couldn't have happened to a nicer day. Sniff sniff. Wait, hang on, we've done this 'hating mondays' thing before. Yada yada yada I wish mondays didn't exist yada yada yada the end.
  4. Other people are better photographers than me. We've definitely done this before. Something about there being amazing photographers on Flickr, I'll never be that good, teenage angst etc etc etc. There, that was easier, wasn't it?
  5. I lost another bloody eBay order. Yeah, I know I promised I wouldn't mention eBay again, but I'm annoyed about this one. I was there, poised over the 'place bid' button to outbid the rascals who currently held the lot, with ten seconds to go. I clicked the place bid button, hoping to be (as usual) taken to the bid confirmation page, one more click and those Futuron sets are mine! I clicked it, all a-flutter (cause it was exciting and all), and IT TOOK ME TO THE LOG IN PAGE. Now I did not see that coming. Quick, John, log in! Quick!!! But it was too late, and the login page had delayed me over the ten seconds and I lost the lot. Boo hoo.
Oh, before I go, a quick update: there are a few little amendments and changes to the JOHNSPACE site. Namely the dividers on the sidebar are now white (oh! exciting!), the comments section on post pages is snazzed up a little, and there are nice chunky 'Older posts' and 'Newer posts' buttons. Plus I removed the home button, but you never noticed that anyway. So yah. Enjoy yourselves.


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