Friday, 24 September 2010

Day 267, on which John takes a train [24.9.10]

Dag to hundrede syvogtres. OK, I'll admit, the train I took today (or will take, tense depending) is also in my mind. 'Cause I'm continuing on from my recollection of my trip to London last Monday. There's two more photos to go, so I'll make it quick and not blag on about sushi this time. Also, it's late and I'm extremely tired after a stressful evening, so I'll make it snappy.

Unlike Snappy Snaps. That's a photo shop, I used to get my photos developed there. But they did everyhting short of drawing penises onto my negatives and totally ruined them (yes, and), so they're behind me now. Plus, what photo shop doesn't stock 400 ASA film!? The cheek of it!

All photos are from John Too, don't forget to check his (ie. my) photostream out, it's full of great stuff. Om nom nom.

After taking postcard shots of Nelson's column and eating sushi (and dropping it on the floor) at Yo Sushi!, we walked down to the Transport Museum. Outside, in that general area (forgot the name it's 11 at night let me off jeez), a magician was doing his thing. Very funny. Very quick. I always admire magicians, a lot of slight-of-hand involved in doing what they. As you can tell from the sushi dropping debarckle, 'slight-of-hand' is not in my vocabulary. But I'm slight with other things (like my taxes ahahahaha oh wait I don't pay them), so all's well that ends well. Shakespeare quote, right there. Lovely. I must admit that some utter idiot got in the way of my camera, so this otherwise perfect shot looks rubbish. And you don't see this sort of photo - ruined or not - in a postcard, so my work is done.

So we got on the train to go home and that's where today's post title comes in. I took a whole bunch of shots on the train, as it usually takes half an hour for the driver to wake up, find his slippers, and haul the heap of junk out of Grove Park station. I had time to kill, so I snapped a few snaps. Most of them were rubbish, 'cause I'm not used to 200 ASA film (because Snappy Snaps didn't sell my usual 400 ASA). I like this one though. Best of the lot. I'm not even sure whether you're allowed to take photos on Southeastern trains. You need a permit to film on a bus, I know that, but trains I'm not so sure of. Ah well, it's not like the driver would see and ask me to delete the photos... once they're on the film, there's no taking them off! Muahahaha!


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