Saturday, 11 September 2010

Day 254, on which John builds, builds, builds! [11.9.10]

Dag to hundrede fireoghalvtreds. Ey up lads, what's new? Well, if you'd been so nice as to ask the question back at me, I'd say something about the JOHN Collection. Because I've managed to photograph all the pieces I've made so far. They add up to about 30, a combination of tables, chairs, shelves, lamps, and the odd bench. Which, in my mind, is just a long chair. You may remember I photographed a few of the pieces a few months ago - around the time of nnenn's death by my memory.

That was about ten pieces. Since then, I've built a shitload more chairs and tables, so that's what I photographed today. Sadly I can't show you them (I'm saving them for Christmas), but you'll like 'em when I'm done. If people don't appreciate a year's worth of furniture, then I don't know what they will appreciate.  I really hope you all like this. Some of them are really good. I'm going to start compiling them into pages around now; just so I can work out what I still need to build (eg. a table for the outdoors category). As for my co-builder, I don't know what the sitch is. I'll just end up doing it on my own, I guess.

Well, OK. I can show you one piece. Just one.
Clippon Table Two, © John 2010

There you go. It's called the Clippon Table Two, and I'm not sure where it's going in terms of departments yet. I'm thinking home, perhaps home office. Anywho, it's an alright table (and one of three), so I thought It'd be OK if I showed it to you. It's not the best so far - far from it in fact - but it's still nice (colours need changing gah).

You can also see in the picture a guy. You probably don't know who this is, but he pops up in my MOCs a lot. An awful lot. Too much, some may say. He even posed in an airport luggage car though his suave suit was totally out of place. Just 'cause I always have him on hand. His name, as many know, is Björn the Dirty Swede. Because he's a dirty, dirty swede. Tsk tsk. So now he's become the third in a short line of JOHN Collection models:

The first JOHN Collection featured a smiling guy. Not a Swede, funnily enough, because he wasn't blond. But he was dressed in a blue jumpsuit. Trendy.

The second JOHN Collection featured a similarly non-blond individual, this time looking bright in a red jumpsuit. He also had better hair.

So now everyone's favourite dirty Swede, Björn [the dirty Swede] is taking on the role of JOHN Collection model. I was thinking about a green jumpsuit for him, but it so does not go with his hair. So a suit and dark green trousers it was. Woot.

Until Christmas, this is all the JCiii you'll see. Sorry. But hopefully it'll blow you away when it's done. Hopefully.



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