Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Day 250, on which John laments about his short life [7.9.10]

Dag to hundrede og halvtreds. It seems, on this third round through the Danish numbers, I'm finally learning them. See: ti, tyve, tredive, fyrre, halvtreds. Hopefully I'll remember the rest too, when I get to them. It really is a good way to learn them, despite what you think. Shut up and ignore them, readers. That's right, I just told the entire readership of my blog to shut up. Heh.

I feel so awesome today, because my monitor came. That's right, another screen for mah computer. So I can edit graphics on a surprisingly large-looking 24-inch screen and have all the toolbars etc. on my normal laptop screen (it's an 18" MacBook Pro, by the way). Very cool. But it hurts my eyes, and the colours aren't spot-on, so boo hoo. I feel like I'm controlling some sort of beastly machine, sitting with the massive screen glaring at me. I'll get used to it.

You're life's short. There, I said it. Yeah, go bawl your eyes out; mine's short too. You can be happy that, as I've just told you you're life's short, I will soon die also. "Soon, John?" you ask. Yeah, soon. Not soon in stupid human years, but since when were they useful? What can change in society or geographically over the course of one human year? Nothing. Your life could change a lot, but that's meaningless in the general scheme of things.

So, in the general scheme of things (and, yes, you're going to hate that term before we end this post), your life is short. You think you can maybe make a difference in that life, but really you've got no chance. You could do one tiny thing that could be part of a pile of tiny things which in turn could be one of many piles which amounts to something kinda important in the general scheme of things. That's not very monumental, though. A part of a part of something kinda important. And that's if you try.

But I won't amount to anything either. Perhaps I will, if I decided to go into physics or politics or something. But my interests lie solely in how I can manipulate and develop the most human concept possible: emotion. That's what you do when you create art or design. You're creating something to prompt an emotion; if you're a good artist or designer your work prompts the emotions you want. Perhaps I design something that people use a lot; a design classic (I wish). Even still, that will be passed down for five generations tops. It may be the basis of another style or design, but soon enough that will be forgotten too. Sadly, our lives are only meant to donate a small part to the general scheme of things (hate it yet?) .

Your life is short. So's mine. So's everyone elses. But maybe, just maybe, if we try that little bit harder, we can make our tiny lives donate that tiny bit to that pile, and perhaps we can be part of that pile which amounts to that kinda important thing. We will be forgotten (that's a certain), but we'll have helped. As for me, it looks like I'm helping for now, and the future is sadly something I won't get to see, let alone get to influence.

Does everyone think these things or is it just me?


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