Sunday, 5 September 2010

Day 248, on which John makes his first Behance project! [5.9.10]

Dag to hundrede otteogfyrre. I am ashamed to have the neighbours I have. I really am. The reason? Last night, they had a party. Well, that would normally be OK. They were blaring music out and setting off fireworks all night. Ah, kids. But wait, my neighbours aren't kids. Yet they were still blaring out music all night. And here's why I am ashamed: I was awoken in the middle of the night by them playing 'The YMCA'. That's right, 'The YMCA'. The Y. M. C. A. They must think they're really tough. What cool dudes they are. It was hilarious. I was sitting there in my bed, laughing my head off. Then Abba's 'Dancing Queen' came on and they all started singing along, half-drunk. Funny is an understatement.

OK, moving swiftly on to the Behance Network. For yo' information, it's a network of creative professionals, and though I'm not actually a professional I'm training to be. And I am creative (if you doubt this, get the fuck off my blog), so that makes me Behance Network material.

I've had an account for a while now (several months), but I was printing out posters for my school's film club today and I was so pleased with the results that I couldn't resist putting together a Behance project of them, which you can find here (yes that's my real name). Here's a brief summary, with my personal comments...

I want to start with this poster for my Film Club, because I love it. It's lilac, simple, and features Futura. Therefore, it's super-cool. Helvetica would've been better, but we've created an identity for the Film Club in Futura and I don't want to let that go. Also, I like Helvetica. All caps can be annoying, because of the pointy ends which extend so far above the ascender and baseline, but it's so pretty. When I printed these posters out, Futura looked beautiful on them. Or is that just me?

Digital version. The colour varies from this to the photos above.

The next Film Club poster I'll show here is the 'teaser trailer' one for this term, which we're about to put up around the school tomorrow. This is mysterious, and won't be immediately clear to everyone, but it's meant to be strange and intriguing so yeah. My printer went all-out with these, full bleed borderless A4 on glossy photo paper, and mostly black too. I don't want to think what it did to the ink cartridges (or what's left of them).

This poster isn't my usual crisp typographic job, I wanted to be much more dramatic. It took me a while to perfect the flare appearing behind the film camera logo (see lilac poster for clear view), but I wanted to show it as a light glaring out and illuminating the edges as if a spark had started. The logo fades into the black background, yet it's clear to see what the shapes are (if it doesn't immediately strike you as a film camera). Previous members of the club should know what it is (partially because of the logo, partially because we're the only club that has decent adverts), but newbies should be intrigued. My job is done.

That's all the discussion on this blog, but be sure to check out these two and more of my stuff on the Behance project page. Thanks!


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