Thursday, 2 September 2010

Day 245, on which John sums up the holidays [2.9.10]

Dag to hundrede femogfyrre. I have sad news, folks. It's the last day of my summer holidays. Well, today was half-holidays half-school, because we have a small meeting with our teacher at an appointment during the day, then that's it. For me, it went a little like this:

"Good holiday?"
"Yes. I went to Denmark."
"Oh. Good exam results."
"You need to work hard this year."

I'm exaggerating a little, but it really did end up being under three minutes long. Forty-five minutes each journey, and for three minutes. But it's useful for people who have questions/problems, and it gets me most of the day off school so I'm not complaining.

OK, I decided to sum up the entire summer by writing down a couple of things I've learnt from the the end of the Summer term, oh so long ago. Boy, those were the days. The days when I was having the best fun of my life, with my film club, in Portsmouth, and then in my play. What great days. I mean, life's still good. Not as busy, which is a relief, but still not as good as that.

So, without further ado, I present you a quick list of stuff I've learnt this holiday:

1. Sleep it off. I had a hectic last two weeks of term, and I can safely say that I was the busiest I've ever been. Then I slept 'til the late afternoon on the first day of the holidays. Sleep is the best remedy ever.

2. I never finish anything. Or at least not soon. Cough*Neo-Futuron project*cough.

3. Denmark is very, very awesome. More so than anything else. OK, maybe bacon is cool. Or Raptor Jesus. But I guess if you combine them all, into a Danish bacon-clad Raptor Jesus, then it would be more awesome than Denmark. But only by a bit.

4. Portuguese is a silly language. No offense meant, but it's very odd. And almost impossible to pronounce. Nothing like easy Danish.

5. I should tweet more. It's a good way to express my little thoughts, and little jokes I could have. Check it out in the sidebar to see my awful jokes, kids!

6. I have learnt a lot about design and style this holiday. I was updating the Crap Filter, and I noticed just how many design/fashion posts I made after I returned from Denmark. I'm really brainstorming these things a lot.

7. The holidays are never long enough. That for one is certain.

8. I've changed a lot since last year. Remember that post about it? I reread it today, and really agreed.

9. I really, really need to make something. The noticeboard, the shelving unit, the footstool, the chair, anything. I need some product design in my portfolio, pronto.

10. Given enough time and motivation, I can do stuff. I've done a lot this holiday, and I'm going to use that to prove to myself that I can finish these projects. John, you can do it. Just get settled into school first.

Bye, holiday. You've been great.

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